Season 1:

1×01 ‘Pilot’

Hoping to recreate his glory days, Spanish teacher and former Glee star will Schuester decides to take over together director that the McKinley High Glee Club, which that dubs new Directions. The club is comprised of school misfits Rachel Berry, Mercedes Jones, cut Hummel, Artie Abrams, Tina Cohen-Chang, and also – v the assist of a tiny blackmail from will certainly – soccer star Finn Hudson. The club almost falls apart once Will procedures down so the he can acquire a greater paying task to support his newly pregnant mam Terri, but Finn steps right into the leadership role and rallies the team. When Will captures the club rehearsing “Don’t prevent Believin’”, that realizes that he can’t provide up and also decides to stay.

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Songs:“Respect” – Mercedes“Mr. Cellophane” – Kurt“I Kissed a Girl” – Tina“On my Own” – Rachel“Sit Down, she Rocking the Boat” – new Directions“Can’t struggle This Feeling” – Finn“You’re the One That i Want” – brand-new Directions“Rehab” – Vocal Adrenaline“Leaving ~ above a Jet Plane” – Mr. Schue“Don’t prevent Believin’” – new Directions

1×02 ‘Showmance’

Hoping come recruit an ext members to the Glee Club, will certainly arranges for brand-new Directions to do at a college assembly. The club members room worried that his out-of-date song choice will obtain them ridiculed, so Rachel comes up through the idea of performing “Push It” through Salt-n-Peppa. The college student do indeed enjoy the performance, but there are several complaints from parents, i m sorry prompts principle Figgins to offer the Glee society a perform of preapproved song they must choose from. Concerned by the farming closeness between Rachel and Finn, Quinn Fabray, Finn’s girlfriend and also head Cheerios cheerleader, auditions for brand-new Directions together with fellow Cheerios Santana and Brittany. Cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester enlists Quinn’s assist in acquisition the Glee society down.

In the meantime, will certainly is forced to take it a part-time project as a school janitor in an initiative to assistance his farming family. The college guidance counsellor Emma Pillsbury has a like on him and also stays to assist him as soon as she sees what the is doing. Football coach, Ken Tanaka, advises her the she is playing a dangerous game flirting through a married man and asks she on a date, to which she agrees. When Terri discovers that she is no actually pregnant and also instead experiencing an hysterical pregnancy she keeps the info a an enig from Will and also tells that he deserve to quit the part-time job as a janitor.

Songs:“Le Freak” – new Directions“Gold Digger” – Mr. Schue & brand-new Directions“Push It” – brand-new Directions“I speak a tiny Prayer” – Quinn, Santana, & Brittany“Take a Bow” – Rachel, Mercedes, & Tina

1×03 ‘Acafellas’

In an initiative to an increase his confidence, Will creates an all masculine acapella team where he is join by – ~ a few changes – Ken Tanaka, Finn, and also football player boy name ‘Puck’ Puckerman. While the is preoccupied with his brand-new musical outlet, the Cheerios members who room a part of new Directions plot methods to bring down the group. They to convince Rachel to look for out the aid of renowned, and notoriously average choreographer, Dakota Stanley. This arrangement backfires, however, once Rachel is able to to convince the team that their differences are what renders them special and she fires Stanley. The Cheerios also shot to sow discord by convincing Mercedes that Kurt has actually feelings because that her. She is really hurt as soon as he rejects her till he later on apologizes and confesses that he is gay.

Songs:“This is exactly how We execute It” – Acafellas“Poison” – Acafellas“Mercy” – Vocal Adrenaline“Bust her Windows” – Mercedes“I Wanna Sex friend Up” – Acafellas

1×04 ‘Preggers’

When Kurt’s dad Burt captures him dancing to the Beyonce song ‘Single Ladies,’ cut tells him the he has joined the soccer team. With Finn’s help, kurt is able come “audition for the duty of kicker” and he renders the team. Quinn tells Finn that she is pregnant v his baby also though they have never had sex. Finn confides in Puck who confronts Quinn with insurance claims that the baby is his. Once Terri to learn of Quinn’s pregnancy, she hatches a setup to embrace Quinn’s baby and also pass the off as her own. Finn asks will certainly to give the football team dance lessons in the really hopes that it will assist them improve. Through the combined aid of dance and Kurt’s kicking skills they room able to victory their an initial football game, which also prompts football players Puck, Mike Chang, and also Matt Rutherford come join new Directions. As soon as talking to his dad afterwards, kurt comes the end to him as gay and also Burt surprises him by telling him the has constantly known and also loves the the same.

In the meantime, Sue continues her plotting means to carry down the Glee Club. She enlists the help of former Glee club director, Sandy Ryerson, to straight the institution musical the Cabaret, hope to steal the club’s star, Rachel. Rachel auditions and also lands the lead duty in the musical. Once Will refuses to provide her a lot coveted solo she quits brand-new Directions to it is in in the musical.

Songs:“Taking Chances” – Rachel“Tonight” – Tina

1×05 ‘The Rhodes no Taken’

In a desperate effort to replace Rachel, will certainly recruits April Rhodes, among his previous classmates who never ever graduated, to go back to McKinley wherein she deserve to earn her last credits and join new Directions. April is a really talented singer who is additionally an alcoholic and a destructive influence top top the kids. Finn decides to go for a music scholarship in bespeak to assistance his unborn child and also thinks the only way that will take place is if Rachel comes back to brand-new Directions. That pretends to have romantic interest in her and it practically works, until she learns of Quinn’s pregnancy and realizes he was lying come her. With a drunk April in ~ the helm, new Directions performs at the Invitationals assembly in ~ the school and also receive a was standing ovation, yet Will speak April she cannot carry out the 2nd number because she is drunk. A contrite Rachel reflects up and tells the group that she has quit the musical and also wants to return to Glee. They all accept her earlier and she leads them in the last number.

Songs:“Maybe This Time” – April & Rachel“Cabaret” – Rachel“Alone” – April & Mr. Schue“Last Name” – April & brand-new Directions“Somebody come Love” – brand-new Directions

1×06 “Vitamin D”

When Quinn blames she substandard cheerleading performance on the Glee Club, Sue decides to try to carry down the club by attacking will certainly personally. She plants the idea in Terri’s head the something is walk on between Will and Emma, prompting Terri to take a task at McKinley as school nurse even though she has no clinical experience. Terri convinces Ken the he have to propose to Emma who, reluctantly, accepts as she realizes there is no possibility for her with Will. Quinn begins to realize exactly how much pregnant and, eventually, the baby are affecting her life, so she goes to see Terri and also agrees to let her secretly take on her baby. Terri is likewise visited by Finn that is complain of exhaustion and she gives him pseudoephedrine. Finn share the pills through the rest of the males in the Glee club to provide them one edge against the girls v their mash-up performance. As soon as Kurt tells the girl what they go the girls acquire their own pills native Terri. Rachel and Finn begin to feeling guilty over their actions and also confess. Major Figgins fires Terri and also appoints Sue as co-director of new Directions.

Songs:“It’s mine Life/Confessions part II” – new Directions Males“Halo/Walking top top Sunshine” – new Directions Females

1×07 “Throwdown”

Finn and also Quinn have their very first ultrasound the the baby wherein they discover that it is a girl. Frustrated that Terri keeps leaving the out, Will renders an ultrasound appointment through her Ob/Gyn. Terri and her sister blackmail the Ob/Gyn right into faking the ultrasound by mirroring the DVD the Quinn’s in bespeak to keep up the ruse for Will. School reporter, Jacob Ben Israel, learn of Quinn’s pregnancy and also threatens to run the story, however decides not to once Rachel agrees to give him a pair of she underwear.

Back in the choir room, Sue flexes she muscles together co-director and also divides the kids between her and Will. She takes all the decimal students and also tries to to convince them that will discriminates against them. Together the fighting in between the 2 teachers escalates, the children decide to phase a walkout. Abashed by their behavior, the 2 make up and also Sue actions down as co-director. Sue likewise informs the club the she knows around Quinn’s pregnancy and is forcing Israel to run the story, so soon the entire school will certainly know. The members of new Directions come to Quinn’s side and offer her their support.

Songs:“Hate ~ above Me” –“Ride Wit Me” – new Directions“No Air” – Rachel, Finn, & new Directions“You save Me Hangin’ On” – Quinn“Keep hold On” – brand-new Directions

1×08 “Mash-Up”

Ken and also Emma can not decide in between ‘Thong Song’ and ‘I could Have Danced all Night’ for their wedding and ask will certainly to come up with a mash-up that the two songs. Ken’s jealousy over Emma’s noticeable feelings because that Will causes him to create extra football techniques that room mandatory and likewise happen to problem with Glee rehearsal. Finn and also Quinn are challenged with the fact that they are no longer top dogs in the school, i beg your pardon prompts Finn to select football exercise over Glee rehearsal when Puck, Mike, and Matt all choose Glee. Puck decides that he demands to date a Jewish girl, so he decides to ask out Rachel. The two have actually a really short lived partnership that ends as soon as they realize they space seeking solace in each various other for the feelings they have for Finn and Quinn. A upper heart Sue kicks Quinn off the Cheerios. Wanting to perform the appropriate thing by everyone, Finn speak to Ken and also is may be to convince him to end the conflict between football and Glee.

Songs:“Bust a Move” – Mr. Schue & brand-new Directions“Thong Song” – Mr. Schue“What a Girl Wants” – Rachel“Sweet Caroline” – Puck & brand-new Directions“I might Have Danced every Night” – Emma

1×09 “Wheels”

It is found that over there is not enough money in the school spending plan to cover a handicap bus to transport the Glee society to Sectionals. Will has the students host a bake sale in an effort to raise the money and also spend time every day in a wheelchair so the they can much better understand the battles Artie has actually to challenge each day. Puck helps sell every one of the cupcakes once he bakes some through the included ingredient the cannabis. He offers the money come Quinn who is irritable by Finn’s i can not qualify to help pay her medical bills. Quinn refuses the money and patches things up v Finn once he lastly procures a job. Artie begins a partnership with Tina and tells her about the car accident that left that a paraplegic. The connection soon ends, however, when he learns that she has actually been faking her stutter. Sue is compelled to discover a replacement for Quinn top top the Cheerios. In an unusual screen of compassion, she offers the spot to Becky Jackson, a student v Down Syndrome, and makes a donation to the college for brand-new handicap ramps. The is later presented that she has actually an enlarge sister named Jean who has actually Down Syndrome.

In the choir room, Rachel is offered the traditional female tune ‘Defying Gravity’, which upsets Kurt. His father complains to Figgins the it is discriminatory for kurt to not even be permitted to audition for the solo. Will certainly agrees to enable Kurt come compete versus Rachel because that the solo. As soon as Burt receive an cotton phone contact harassing him around Kurt’s sexuality, kurt decides to throw the compete to conserve his father additional embarrassment.

Songs:“Dancing with Myself” – Artie“Defying Gravity” – kurt & Rachel“Proud Mary” – new Directions

1×10 “Ballad”

Will puts the kids in pairs with the assignment of singing a ballad to each other. Because of the absence of Matt, will certainly is forced to pair up through Rachel who develops a crush on him. Rachel at some point realizes that her crush is really a defense mechanism to fall for males who room unavailable born that her own insecurities. She apologizes to Will that assures her the she will discover love one day.

Kurt and Finn space paired with each other and, top top Kurt’s advice, Finn sings his ballad to his unborn baby. When his mommy Carole captures him singing to a sonogram she figures out the Quinn is pregnant and also assures Finn of she support. Finn then decides to tell Quinn’s parents as soon as he goes over for dinner. Quinn’s father grows upset at the news and orders Quinn out of the house. V nowhere come go, Carole allows her to remain with them. Puck i do not care frustrated through his i can not qualify to aid Quinn and also he lets slip to Mercedes that he is the real father. Every the members of brand-new Directions come with each other in a present of support for Quinn and also Finn by singing ‘Lean ~ above Me’ to the couple.

Songs:“Endless Love” – Rachel & Mr. Schue“I’ll was standing By You” – Finn“Don’t was standing So Close come Me/Young Girl” – Mr. Schue“Crush” – Rachel“You’re having My Baby” – Finn“Lean ~ above Me” – new Directions

1×11 “Hairography”

Will visits the jane Addams Academy because that girls, among the two institutions they will be competing against at Sectionals, and invites them to use the McKinley auditorium for rehearsal when he look at their poor facilities. Will and the brand-new Directions room intimidated as soon as they see the girls carry out using what Rachel dubs ‘hairography’ to cover up their less than exorbitant vocals. Still worried, will decides to use hairography and acquires wigs for new Directions. Come prove that they were not showing favoritism, will invites the other school they will certainly be contending against, the Haverbrook school for the Deaf, to come by. Throughout their performance, will realizes that hairography no working and decides no to use it ~ all. With the new Directions set list taking shape, Sue calls the director of the various other two institutions to a private meeting and also lets them know what songs new Directions room planning top top performing.

Quinn has second thoughts around giving her baby up for adoption. Terri arranges for her to babysit her sister’s exceptionally unruly kids in the really hopes that she will decide come stick with the plan. Quinn invites Puck to sign up with her and the two carry out well through the children, but when Quinn finds out Puck was sexting Santana the whole time she recommits to the adoption.

Songs:“Bootylicious” – mrs Addams girl Choir“Don’t make Me Over” – Mercedes“You’re the One That ns Want” – Rachel & Finn“Papa don’t Preach” – Quinn & Puck“Crazy In Love/Hair” – brand-new Directions“Imagine” – Haverbrook deaf Choir & brand-new Directions“True Colors” – Tina & brand-new Directions

1×12 “Mattress”

Sue convinces primary Figgins come exclude a photo of the brand-new Directions indigenous the yearbook because of the ritualistic defacing the receives each year. Will certainly is not happy through the decision, so provides his an individual money to acquisition enough space for two youngsters to it is in in the picture. The team nominates Finn and also Rachel, but Finn backs the end after the is teased for his joining in the club. Rachel convinces a regional mattress agency to rental the society to star in a advertising they space filming, hoping that the celebrity standing will help their reputation. Will certainly finds the end that Terri’s pregnancy was an hysterical pregnancy and that she has actually been faking it ever since. That walks out on her and sleeps on one of the mattresses that had actually been sent to the school as a thanks to the youngsters for doing the commercial. Sue educates Will the the receipt of the mattresses as payment renders the Glee club ineligible because that competition as they room no much longer amateurs. Due to the fact that Will is the one who accepted the payment by sleeping on the mattress that agrees step down indigenous the group so that they can still compete.

Songs:“Smile” – Rachel & Finn“When she Smiling” – Rachel“Jump” – brand-new Directions“Smile” – brand-new Directions

1×13 “Sectionals”

With will certainly unable to attend Sectionals, Emma agrees to step in together faculty advisor for the club also though it forces her come postpone her wedding, i m sorry was set for the exact same time together Sectionals, by a couple of hours. The day before the compete Rachel finds the end that Puck is the real father of Quinn’s baby and also tells Finn. Finn confronts them both around it and, as soon as he learns the true, he quits the glee club. When brand-new Directions come at Sectionals, with Jacob Ben Israel along as Finn’s replacement, they space appalled to find that the other two choirs space performing their set list. Emma calls will certainly in a panic and he convinces Finn to step up and be the team leader he was expected to be. Finn return to the group with brand-new music and pulls them together. V the song Finn brought, one old one they have performed before, and Rachel pulling a ballad she already knows from she repertoire, they have a new set list and also a crowd pleasing performance. The manager of the jane Addams institution for Girls has a adjust of heart and also goes to confess come the judges the Sue leaked the new Directions collection list come her and the various other school director before the competition, however it is as well late. The judges have already made your decision and also declare new Directions the winners.

Will come at Emma’s wedding just to discover that Ken has dubbed it off due to her lingering feelings because that Will. Emma tells will certainly that she is leaving the school because she can’t was standing the pain of seeing him and Ken at job-related every day. Earlier at the school, Sue it s okay suspended for she actions and also the children show will certainly their trophy, informing him just how much he means to them. Will starts to think that Emma and also chases she down before she can leave. He climate kisses her and also the two smile at every other.

Songs:“And i am informing You I’m no Going” – Mercedes“Don’t Rain On my Parade” – Rachel“You Can’t always Get What you Want” – new Directions“My Life would Suck there is no You” – brand-new Directions

1×14 ‘Hell-O’

Sue blackmails principal Figgins into letting her go back to McKinley where she promptly assigns Santana and also Brittany the task of break up the brand-new romantic pairing of Finn and also Rachel. Finn agrees to walk on a date with both girls and breaks up through Rachel, however soon realizes he made a mistake. During their separation, Rachel meets Jesse St. James, lead singer of rival glee society Vocal Adrenaline, and also the two begin dating. The remainder of the club finds out and also tells her she need to break up v him since they believe he is making use of her come spy ~ above them. Rachel rather tells Jesse that they must keep their connection a mystery and transforms Finn down when he wants to get earlier together.

Will and Emma have additionally started dating, however Emma’s issues with OCD have actually kept castle from ending up being intimate through one another and she confesses that she is still a virgin. Will goes by Carmel High School, residence of Vocal Adrenaline, to speak through director Shelby Corcoran. The two end up earlier at his apartment where they make out till Will stops it and also confesses his relationship status. Will and also Emma both realize that they jumped right into the relationship too quickly and agree to take a break.

Songs:‘Hello, ns Love You’ – Finn‘Gives girlfriend Hell’ – Rachel & new Directions‘Hello’ – Rachel & Jesse‘Highway to Hell’ – Vocal Adrenaline‘Hello, Goodbye’ – new Directions

1×15 ‘The strength of Madonna’

Will is dismayed once he overhears the girls in glee club pointing out the ways they space being mistreated by the boys and, inspired by a Cheerios performance, the decides to carry out a Madonna themed lesson. Emotion empowered through Madonna, Rachel and also Emma decide they are ready to lose their virginity while Santana uses to take Finn’s. In the end, Finn is the only one that goes with with it, though he speak Rachel the he go not and Rachel speak him the she did. Jesse move to McKinley so that he and also Rachel can be closer come one another, but the rest of the club members are suspicious the his true motives. Kurt and also Mercedes decision to sign up with the Cheerios so the they have the right to actually execute solos due to the fact that they are never ever assigned the solos in glee club, but they additionally remain in glee. Eventually, the guys all apologize to the girls for your behavior and Finn accepts Jesse right into the group.

Songs:‘Express Yourself’ – new Directions females‘Open her Heart/Borderline’ – Rachel & Finn‘Vogue’ – Sue‘Like a Virgin’ – Finn & Santana, Rachel & Jesse, will certainly & Emma‘4 Minutes’ – cut & Mercedes‘What it Feels prefer For a Girl’ – will & new Directions males‘Like a Prayer’ – new Directions

1×16 ‘Home’

When Sue commandeers the auditorium for the Cheerios, will is required to look for a new rehearsal space. He goes come a roller rink, which transforms out come be own by April Rhodes who is a mistress to a well-off tycoon. Lonely and also unhappy, April mirrors up come Will’s apartment under the pretense that she is considering buying the from him and needs to test it out. She and also Will finish up share a bed that night, despite they carry out not have actually sex, and also in the morning she agrees that she demands to end the relationship with the tycoon. Together the Cheerios prepare because that an assembly, Sue speak Mercedes that she demands to lose weight. Mercedes goes to extremes in she dieting and passes the end at school. Quinn uses Mercedes her support and tells her that she has constantly admired the confidence Mercedes has had in herself. The glee club is finally able to gain the auditorium earlier when April’s tycoon passes away and she receives a large sum the “hush money” from his widow, which she uses to purchase the auditorium.

In the meantime, kurt decides to set up his widower father with Finn’s widowed mother in an initiative to gain closer come Finn that he has a like on. Finn is not happy around his mommy dating and moving on, yet when Burt reassured him that he loves Carole, Finn starts to accept it. Together Finn and Burt begin to bond with each other over sports, kurt feels left out and also grows jealous of the bond i m sorry he to know he will certainly never have the ability to share in.

Songs:‘Fire’ – April & Will‘A house Is not a Home’ – cut & Finn‘One much less Bell come Answer/A house Is no a Home’ – April & Will‘Beautiful’ – Mercedes‘Home’ – April & new Directions

1×17 bad Reputation’

A list, referred to as the “glist”, is posted approximately McKinley ranking the glee club members based on secual promiscuity. Sue bring the perform to primary Figgins’ attention and he tells will certainly that if he doesn’t find the responsible party he will disband the club and suspend all of them. Numerous of the glee society members space upset by your low ranking or the reality that they were left turn off entirely, so they connect in assorted antics they hope will rise their ranking. Rachel takes points a action too far when she creates a music video with Jesse, Finn, and also Puck all cast as her boyfriend without informing them that they were component of a triple-casting. All 3 boys become really angry as soon as they discover the truth and Jesse end up break up v her because of it.

Sue educates Emma the the make-out conference Will had with Shelby as well as the sleep end he had actually with April. Under Sue’s encouragement, Emma publicly denounces will certainly in the teacher’s lounge, leaving that mortified. Will apologizes to Emma and also offers she flowers. It is after this that he realizes Quinn is the one who produced the glist, yet he speak Figgins that he never found out that it was and also convinces Figgins come drop the matter due to the fact that no new lists have actually been posted.

Songs:‘Ice, ice cream Baby’ – will certainly & brand-new Directions‘U can not Touch This’ – Artie, Kurt, Mercedes, Tina, & Brittany‘Physical’ – Sue & Olivia Newton-John‘Run, Joey, Run’ – Rachel, Finn, Jesse, & Puck‘Total Eclipse the the Heart’ – Rachel, Finn, Jesse, & Puck

1×18 ‘Laryngitis’

Rachel creates laryngitis and also is told that she may have to obtain her tonsils removed. The idea of surgical treatment frightens her due to the fact that she no know just how it would impact her singing voice, i beg your pardon she trust to it is in her only asset. Finn assures her that she is much more than her voice, but in the end she opts to not have the surgical treatment yet and also recovers she voice with antibiotics. Puck starts to day Mercedes in bespeak to gain his negative boy status ago after having his mohawk shaved. As soon as it works and also he starts bullying again, Mercedes division up with him and also quits the cheerleading squad. Kurt continues to become much more jealous of the bond arising between his dad and Finn. Reasoning it will aid his dad affix with the better, the starts to dress differently and also goes ~ above a date with Brittany. Once these alters do not bring an finish to the moment Burt and Finn spend together he stops pretending to it is in something he isn’t. Burt reassures cut that that is his son and he loves him no matter who is is or who he chooses to love.

Songs:‘Jessie’s Girl’ – Finn‘The Lady Is a Tramp’ – Puck & Mercedes‘Pink houses’ – Kurt‘The young Is Mine’ – Santana & Mercedes‘Rose’s Turn’ – Kurt‘One’ – Rachel & brand-new Directions

1×19 ‘Dream On’

Former McKinley glee society star Bryan Ryan come to audit the school. Bitterness from his fail dreams, he endangers to cut capital for glee till Will convinces him the his dreams are still attainable and also gives the function of Jean Valjean in a neighborhood production of Les Miserables to him. Rachel confides in Jesse the she has always dreamed of meeting her bear mother. As soon as looking for hints on who she might be, Jesse slips a cassette tape into a crate that is labeled together a post from Rachel’s mother, but she is not all set to listen to it. Jesse later meets with Shelby Corcoran and tells her that Rachel wouldn’t listen to the tape. Shelby speak him the she is Rachel’s mother, but due to the adoption contract she can’t call Rachel directly. Jesse reveals that he has occurred genuine feelings for Rachel and doesn’t want to check out her hurt. Jesse theatre the tape because that Rachel, i beg your pardon is a recording of Shelby singing.

Songs:‘Piano Man’ – will certainly & Bryan‘Dream On’ – will & Bryan‘The safety Dance’ – Artie‘I dreamed a Dream’ – Rachel & Shelby‘Dream a tiny Dream of Me’ – Artie

1×20 ‘Theatricality’

When the glee club learns the Vocal Adrenaline is practicing Lady Gaga, they decide to carry out their very own Gaga number and create costumes based on the things she has actually worn. Rachel goes come spy top top Vocal Adrenaline and while she is there she hears Shelby sing and realizes the she is she birth mother. The two meet and shot to create some kind of relationship, but in the finish go their separate ways. Burt asks Carole and Finn to move in through him and Kurt, but Finn is not thrilled v the idea of sharing a room with Kurt. He and Kurt acquire into one argument and Finn offers the native “faggy” numerous times in recommendation to specific items in the bedroom. Burt overhears and also tells Finn the he is no much longer welcome in their house. Later, once Kurt is being bullied by football players Dave Karofsky and Azimio, Finn pertains to his assist along v the remainder of the members of brand-new Directions.

Songs:‘Funny Girl’ – Shelby‘Bad Romance’ – brand-new Directions females & Kurt‘Shout It the end Loud’ – Finn, Artie, Puck, Mike, & Matt‘Beth’ – Puck, Finn, Artie, Mike, & Matt‘Poker Face’ – Rachel & Shelby

1×21 ‘Funk’

Will finalizes his divorce through Terri and comes up with a plot come humiliate Sue just before the Cheerios Nationals competition. His arrangement works, however he feels for this reason bad about it that he reaches the end to set things best with her. She goes on to success Nationals and also rubs the trophy in Will’s face. Jesse defects back to Vocal Adrenaline and leads the group in a performance intended to intimidate new Directions. He later lures Rachel right into the parking lot wherein he and the rest of Vocal Adrenaline room waiting to litter eggs in ~ her. Numerous members of brand-new Directions want to retaliate through violence, yet in the end they room talked down and also the group performs a funk number in front of Vocal Adrenaline, something that Vocal Adrenaline has never to be able to pull off.

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Songs:‘Another One Bites the Dust’ – Vocal Adrenaline‘Tell Me other Good’ – Will‘Loser’ – Finn, Puck, Sandy, Howard, & Terri‘It’s a Man’s, Man’s, male World’ – Quinn‘Good Vibrations’ – Finn, Puck, & Mercedes‘Give up the Funk’ – new Directions

1×22 ‘Journey come Regionals’

It is announced that Sue will certainly be among the judges at Regionals, which concerns Will and the kids due to the fact that Principal Figgins has said that if they execute not place the club will be disbanded. The group does a series of journey songs in ~ the competition and also Quinn’s mother shows as much as watch. She tells Quinn that she kicked she father out of the home when she learned he was having actually an affair and she desires Quinn come come home. Quinn’s water climate breaks and she is rushed to the hospital wherein she offers birth to she daughter. Shelby adopts she baby and also names her Beth in ~ Puck’s request. Ago at the competition brand-new Directions finishes last and also prepares for the finish of glee club. Lock are given an unexpected reprieve as soon as Sue tells Figgins the she will stop blackmailing that if he will offer the club one much more year.

Songs:‘Faithfully’ – Rachel, Finn, & brand-new Directions‘Any method You want It/Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’’ – brand-new Directions‘Don’t stop Believin’’ – new Directions‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ – Vocal Adrenaline‘To Sir, v Love’ – new Directions‘Somewhere end the Rainbow’ – will certainly & Puck