Before you check out this post, what do you think adjusted with the dimmer switch? to be it a readjust in performance, size, ar or other else?

If you claimed size and location, you would be right! For united state Baby Boomers, you recognize the ar of the dimmer switch adjusted from the floor come the stalk, or steering column, however may not be mindful that size adjusted as well. Right here are a couple of more details about the history of this switch.

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floor-mounted dimmer switch

In 1925, the dimmer move was located on the steering column. This readjusted in 1927, once it was moved to the floor. Why did the ar of the dimmer move change? The auto makers chose it was too much of a distraction ~ above the steering column and also agreed to relocate it come the floor.

The floorboard area was wide open, perfect for the floor-mounted switches, as they could also be made larger and more durable. Automobile owners would reap the floor-mounted switch for the next 50 years.

However, no all vehicles make the transition at the very same time. When a major re-design that a auto was done, climate the dimmer switch changed as well. Generally, the switch function would walk to the stalk once a version went indigenous rear-wheel journey to front-wheel journey (which occurred a lot of in the so late 1970s and early 1980s) due to the fact that the foot-well area ended up being smaller, leaving less room for owners’ feet.


stalk-mounted dimmer switch

Today all of the controls we need to drive are now on the directional stalk–wipers, headlights, cruise control, etc. I don’t view this changing as driver’s have presented that that is not also distracting to have so many controls top top the steering column.

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Ralph Brandt on march 5, 2019 at 4:06 pm said:

I have had actually this concern for some time and also maybe friend know. The ax was constantly used in the area ns lived, “tilt switch’. I have actually wondeered if over there may have actually been a predecessor mechanical tilt mechanism prior to the ‘dimmer switch’? do you understand anything about this?

Billie bowman on march 18, 2019 at 9:58 pm said:

I desperately wish it would adjust back from gift on the steering pillar to the floorboard. I mean, really, exactly how much an are does anyone really require on the floorboard? Every auto I’e had since they adjusted to the steering column has had room because that dimmer move on floorboard right above place wherein my left foot just sits there with nothing come do as soon as it could happily be click the dimmer top top then turn off then ~ above then off etc. Ns bet if a inspection were excellent the majority of people would speak they favor the dimmer on the floorboard. Or, far better yet, if vehicle manufactueers just started placing dimmer on the floirboard again, i bet world would it is in thrilled! I also think a many of civilization don’t make use of their glowing lights as much due to the fact that it is such a ache to address on the steering column! fifty percent the time you turn blinker or wipers on when trying to acquire the lamp on bright so human being just never adjust from continuous to bright. I additionally wonder if vehicle mqnufacturers should think about making it impossible to rotate emergency flashers on when auto is relocating – clearly many civilization aren’t grasping the idea that you perform NOT turn your emergency flashers on once it is raining hard or foggy! exactly how do castle think that helps? the is a common occurrence right here in Nashville and also it cd driver me wild – they might not bother to revolve their headlights on but they are fast to rotate the emergency flashers on! good thing I’m not a cop – the is an offense I would obtain my police dog come bite civilization for! lol I delighted in your article and did not recognize the dimmer switch was initially on the floorboard or why the was ever before switched. Thanks!

moe on august 1, 2019 at 11:31 pm said:

Bob, just for the archives… Chrysler relocated this switch back to the timeless floor location on your 1979 new Yorker fifth Avenue Edition. It looked just as the did originally. That was however not used to readjust hi/low headlight beams, it was used to readjust radio channels (dimmer switch to be integral come the steering column mounted turn signal). I had one and also it to be a most fun goofing top top passengers. Once a passenger readjust the to their wanted station, I would switch it earlier and beat dumb as no knowing just how this to be happening. The the course would watch me yet no one ever before figured that out! lock assumed mine left foot was simply sitting ~ above the floor (never assumed there was a switch under my foot).

I liked having actually the dimmer switch on the floor a LOT better than ~ above the steering column. I likewise miss those little triangle home windows that you could open: castle were located on the drivers and also the former passenger’s windows. All the Best! DE W8LV BILL