It is that a do not be afraid Irishman a story I will tell,His surname was wilhelm Brennan, in Ireland that did dwell;It to be on the Calvert mountains he began his wild career,Where countless a affluent gentleman he resulted in to shake through fear.Oh, young Brennan on the moor, young Brennan top top the moor,Brave and undaunted stand young Brennan ~ above the moor.A brace of loaded pistols he lugged with him every day,He never ever robbed a bad man upon the king"s highway;For what he"d taken from the rich, like Turpin and also Black Bess,He constantly did divide it through a widow in distress.One night he plunder an Irishman through the surname of Jubr Bawn,They travel on with each other till the day began to dawn;Then Jubr discovered his money gone, similarly his watch and chain,Then that at when encountered him and also robbed him back again.When Willie discovered the packman to be as good a male as he,He take it him on the highway his companion for to be;The packman threw far his fill without any more delay,And he verified a faithful comrade all on the king"s highway.One job upon the highway as Willie pass along,He met the market of Cashel simply one mile from the town;The market knew his features, "I think, young man" stated he,"That her name is wilhelm Brennan, you need to come in addition to me."Now Willie"s wife she being in town, provisions for to buy,When she witnessed her Willie bring away she began to weep and cry."Oh hand come me the tenpenny," these words to she he spoke;She handed that a blunderbuss native underneath she cloak.It"s through a loaded blunderbuss, the fact I will unfold,He make the mayor tremble and also robbed that of his gold;One hundred pounds he offered for his apprehension there,And he through horse and saddle to the hill did repair.Now Brennan he"s one outlaw all on the mountain side.With infantry and also cavalry to capture him they go try,But he just laughed at them, till I"ve heard the said,By a false-hearted mrs he to be brutally betrayed.It to be on Tipperary, a location they called Shammore,Where Brennan and also his comrade that day did experience sore;They to adjust themselves under on the grass that flourished amid the field,And it"s countless a one got a wound before they go yield.At length he to be taken prisoner and also in irons he was bound,He to be taken right into Clonmore jail where solid walls did the surround;The jury uncovered him guilty, the referee made this reply,"For rob on the king"s highway, young Brennan, you need to die.""Farewell, my tiny family, my wife and children three.There is my poor old father who will burned tears because that me,Likewise my tender mother, together she wrung she hands and cried,"Oh, would to God the Willie had actually within his cradle died!" "Oh, young Brennan on the moor, young Brennan on the moor,Brave and also undaunted stand young Brennan top top the moor.