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The ultimate Lingerie Guide

For boys to know and girls to uncover out

A romantic gift because that a loved one.

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Keep these 2 objectives in mind.

You are buying lingerie because that her, no for yourself. For this reason take her needs right into consideration and also understand her as a woman, to ensure that you get to gain too.


1.Style 2.Colour 3.Size 4.Presentation 5.911

1. Style

Know she personalityGirl following Door or Party Girl? Conservative or Adventurous? Meow or ROARR?Unless you are darn sure, for a very first attempt, carry out not purchase anything as well bold because that her. Start with non-sheer, heavy colour lingerie. Chemises room a safe bet, then Camisoles and Babydolls, proceeding to 2 piece sets and also garters.(Tip: What if she doesn’t favor wearing lingerie? Click 911.)Know her body typeI’m certain you love lock the method they are. However girls, no matter just how beautiful, in ~ some allude or another, will be insecure around how lock look. The an essential is to select a layout that flatters your body type. (Tip: Which part do castle complain most about? If the prize is everything, then practice your great judgment. If your referee is nowhere near good, click 911.)

Small Breasts perform not select designs with exceptionally low neckline that draw attention to the breasts. Design that have ruffles in ~ the former will provide a fuller look.

Undefined Waist select 2-piece outfits to separate the bust and hips, i beg your pardon hint at a waist and also give the impression that a curvy figure, Camisole sets and also Babydolls room ideal.

Tummy TroublesChoose designs the cover the stomach areas. Chemises provide the length to hide the middle, and also draw attention to the upper body (neck, cleavage and also shoulders) and legs. The non-sheer selection will provide much better coverage.

Big Bottom stop G-strings and thongs like the plague, they make big look BIG. Rather opt because that panties and boy shorts to provide an ext coverage and to minimize the bottom.

Thunder Thighs prevent tight fits around the thighs. Select Babydolls the flair out and Chemises with broad skirts, to offer the impression the the dress is large not the thighs.

Short Legs wear dark coloured garters or pantyhose come slim and also lengthen, stop bright colours that will accentuate the legs. Wear quick or high reduced lingerie, the an ext leg shown, the much longer they will look.

Accessories Girls…if the curious you have ventured here, a tiny tip because that you. Accessories attract the eyes away from i m sorry ever component you great to hide. Perhaps, a flower in the hair (8476), a ribbon choker around the neck (81054), a toss garter (86029), feather assets (8475), etc.

2. Colour

Do no underestimate the strength of colour, which regularly sets the atmosphere and mood. It indicates the post you room getting across as well.

Golden dominion of Colour: Dark is always Flattering.

Pink : This is hands down most people’s favourite colour for lingerie. Sweet and feminine, the is the color of romance; a brilliant yet gentle shade.

White : This is a popular selection as well, especially for bridal occasions. it denotes innocence and also purity. White is neutral by nature.

Black : Aha! The slimming colour. It basically represents timelessness and also elegance. A strong colour, which have the right to be seductive and also lip-smacking sexy.

Red : The warm of passion!!! Emotionally intense, perfect for a bold, sizzling statement. Fist grabbing for unique occasions, but likewise makes the wearer looks heavier.

Purple: The magnificent royal colour. Rare in nature and also that provides it all the an ext special. it comes throughout as romantic and also feminine, v tones of sophistication.

Blue/Green: no so usual colour for lingerie however not there is no its perks. A colour the calms and relaxes the eye and also mind. that is stated that, civilization are much more productive in blue rooms. =) eco-friendly symbolizes fertility, and not there is no reason.

3. Size

This is a challenging one for guys. Now, pay attention.

Our dimension chart (US sizes) contains cup sizes and the measurement because that bust, waist and hips. The dimensions are expressed in inches.

To do things easier for you, our lingerie size category is restricted to S/M, M/L and One dimension Fits Most. “One size Fits Most” lingerie room made with stretchable material and/or come with flexible straps, which is right if you space unsure the the sizes.

A little bit that laymen’s help:

Bra Cup Size Estimated Fruit size Equivalent
A Lemon
B Orange
C Grapefruit
D Melon

Note: This is a basic rough estimation. Even fruits come in various shapes and also sizes...and we space talking around a Galia melon, not a water melon.

The ideal thing to carry out if you room still unsure is to discretely check her apparel sizes (if possible) or acquire a woman friend’s help. Or This e-mail address is being defended from spambots. You need JavaScript permitted to view it ; us will aid you.

(This is breakthrough territory.) We additionally detailed different conversion charts from: i)inches come centimeter (cm), ii)comparison chart because that US, UK, Europe and also Japan dress sizes iii)US cup dimension to UK cup size

4. Presentation

Presentation is the icing ~ above the cake. Wow her very first before she opens up the gift.

Our lingerie come in a free gift box.

To add a finishing touch to her gift, we offer you an optional gift wrapping company (with a personalized blog post card) at price price that RM1.99. Select your favourite combination of coloured organization wrapper and also ribbon, create your message, and we will execute the remainder for you.

5. Emergency 911

Gift Certificates

You can always opt because that our gift certificate if friend don’t desire to danger buying something her wife/girlfriend doesn’t like. Or would choose to swimming pool money to buy lingerie as a date of birth gift to a friend.

You have actually the alternative of purchase gift certificate in values of RM50, RM100 and also RM150. Both a digital and hardcopy gift certificate will be mailed come her, with the code. For more details ~ above gift certificates, click here.

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What if she doesn’t prefer wearing lingerie?

If her wife/girlfriend refuses to wear lingerie, that is not because she has actually anything versus you. She is probably just shy or has different perceptions the lingerie due to taboo connotations. She can not have the experience and is skeptical to shot it out. Respect her and do not shot to press her. Below are a few things you can do to help:

Confidentially seek assist from a mrs friend/family member, who is close come both the you. She will certainly be far more effective than you in draw close this topic straight with her. Instead of asking her to wear lingerie, casually indicate that both of you browse with the lingerie choice together (just to look, no pressures to undertake or buy), note her reaction and comments. As soon as she has slowly familiarized herself with lingerie, choose something together, something friend like and also something she can wear. Don’t do the failure of picking something the you like but could be too much for her, in the end you watch it in the drawer no on her. as soon as you notice a certain lingerie item that you think is pretty, make certain you point it the end to her wife/girlfriend. That is very unlikely that she would certainly not it is in interested in put on it because that you.

Now that you are a lingerie expert, we hope we have addressed all her needs and also queries, for you to gain what we have to offer. This e-mail attend to is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to see it , if friend have any type of questions, comments, or just wanted come say hi.