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I inheritied a Boito 12 gauge over under indigenous my father in law.Just wondering just how much It might be worth...I think that is about 15 years old....Exc cond...I mainly only deer hunt,so I perform not really require this gun...Any advise???Thanks,MN SHOTS

There is one because that sale ~ above Gunbroaker. ... M=49125453This might give you part idea what the is worth.
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These weapons were Brazilian made and imported mainly by K-Mart stores. They space notoriously unreliable. If you have the right to get between $150 and also $200 I"d take it it.
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Boito did make some,well at least one, kind SxS. I borrowed one in Brasil ago in the 60"s. It was a sidelock and also looked around like a kind Spanish gun. I never saw one right here in the states.The weapons that Boito produced F.I.E. And also sold through K-Mart and also Jeffersons have actually a very bad reputation.

I to buy one in 1975 or 76... It probably was the worst firearm I ever before owned. The stock and forearm started hairline cracks after a couple boxes the shells. It also had extractor problems. I"d sell if someone readily available anything over a $100... Ns think the gun was under $200 as soon as I purchased it from K-Mart. It was my very first O/U and I to buy it because of the reduced price.

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