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finest driving path from for this reason Cal come Boise in so late April beforehand May? (Nampa: hotel, motorhome)
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Any advice top top driving courses from southern California to Boise in so late April, at an early stage May? Driver will be operation a little U-Haul and also towing a tiny car ~ above a trailer. Desire to prevent residual snow and also super steep inclines. Likewise looking because that a good, safe place for the driver to invest the night (hotel / motel). Say thanks to you!

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It would"ve been beneficial to understand where in so Cal friend are. But unless you"re out in favor Blythe or Needles or the southeastern component of the state, united state 395/US 6/NV 360/US 95 is the shortest route. Yet it"s a lengthy slow burn in elevation get on us 6 as soon as you rotate northeast and are crossing right into Nevada. Inspect out Google Street View approximately the border and also past it right into Nevada whereby the steepest components are. The area is the highest suggest on the route.The other choice is acquisition I-15 previous Vegas to united state 93/NV 318/US 6/US 93/I-84. I"ve never taken it. But based upon what I"ve read here, the elevation climb isn"t too bad even though both routes top out at approximately the same elevation (over 7000 feet). The high point here is on us 6 heading into Ely. Inspect out Street view where the highway starts to twist and also turn.Unless you"re smack dab in the center of a storm, I"d be really surprised if eye was an problem on the roads then. Because you"re hitting comparable elevations, one course isn"t far better over the other to prevent it. Can"t aid with lodging. For the an initial route, points surrounding Hawthorne NV or Fallon, NV were my stopover area if I decided to execute the expedition in two days.