Bands that begin with X are always a favorite, it is in it because they"re the underdog or just because of the good songs. Probably you are searching for something brand-new to listen to and also cannot uncover anything great on her playlist?One the the most exciting trends in music is starting band names with X. The trend started once the Beatles made decision "The" as part of their name and also since then, it has actually been a growing trend.Read on and also know more.

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X Opus


The Opus tape is a group of talented musicians who desire to share their music v the world. They are your over average, run-of-the-mill, cookie cutter rock and also rollers. The Opus band space true artists; they take threats in your music and also do things that others will not. Watch up several of their song on YouTube or Facebook!

The surname "Opus" method work of art – something produced from love and also care because that you to enjoy. The is what they strive for every time they play live show. Opus is a band that created in the late 1980s and has been approximately for more than three decades. The team was originally known as "The x-Oops" but they readjusted their name to avoid any kind of confusion with an additional band. The group"s an initial release come out in 1991 under the new moniker, which is as soon as it seemed choose they found their feet as musicians. Their sound has constantly been defined as eclectic due to the fact that of how many different layouts are stood for throughout all your albums.

In 1992, x Opus exit an EP titled "What"s New?" It contains six song that operation for about fifteen minute or so each (the shortest gift one minute). This album didn"t do well commercially because of its length. A band dubbed X Opus has been making tide in the music industry for over 20 years. The members that this band are specialized to your craft, and they placed a many time right into perfecting it. They have actually achieved good success v the relax of 8 albums, all giving off a various vibe.

X Raptor


X Raptor is a funny party band for weddings, parties and events! lock perform assorted genres of music from nation to pop. With their high-energy performances and also interactive show, X Raptor will make your occasion unforgettable. TheX Raptor band is a group of young musician who have recently been focusing on dispersing awareness about world issues. One of these worries is the environment. The environment has been under attack for years, and it"s time that us all do something to assist save what tiny bit we have actually left.

Earth Day, which was just last week, was created to raise awareness for this really cause. X Raptor tape has constantly been passionate around environmentalism; their songs talk about topics such as water pollution and deforestation in an excellent detail. They space committed come making the human being they live in a better place by elevating awareness with music. Planet day is terrific way to get associated with your community and also make a distinction in ours planet"s future! sign up with them and also make a readjust in her own small way.


The story of a band is much more than just the music they created. It"s around how they come together, what their influences were and what taken place to them over time. X Aisle tape was founded in 2009 by Matt and Bryan, 2 friends who had been playing together for years before that. They began out as a cover band referred to as The Boys following Door however soon realized the there to be an possibility to be uncovered if they want it: original music. In 2011, after ~ releasing their first album "Take the Ride", the band readjusted its name from The Boys next Door come X Aisle and also released its second album "No One Cares."

Not long after, the band assembled a lineup that included drummer and percussionist Val together well. It to be then in 2014 as soon as their third album "Believe" came out on iTunes v 15 songs. The following year (2015) observed X Aisle relax its 4th album "Feelings." There to be 18 monitor in all consisting of tracks native previous albums.

Their fifth studio album exit in 2017 titled "It"s All around Us" is what fans hope will certainly be one of numerous to come because that this fan-favorite group. One point is clear: X Aisle has had actually an influence on culture through music together they proceed to produce an excellent original tunes - not simply cover bands nobody cares around anymore!

X Blade

X tongue is a well-known rock band developed in 2018. The tape members space Tony (lead vocalist), Joe (guitarist), and also Phil (drummer). They have been on tour because they released your debut album "Wings the Steel" in 2020.In the so late 1950"s, a London-based quartet of teenagers was formed. They dubbed themselves X Blades and they to be unlike anything that British culture had checked out before. The band would certainly go on to play their own brand the music for just over ten years before splitting up in 1970.

The X Blade was a four-member rock tape from London. The members contained Ian Cross, Edmund De Macey, Tommy Griffiths and also Laurence Tribble. At the time of their formation in 1957 they were just teens with desires of playing music however soon found themselves on phase within less than 12 months because there weren"t countless other bands around earlier then to complete with them! Their first album that X knives released was called "Shocktime" i beg your pardon is what attracted so lot attention come them in britain at the time. It had actually been prohibition by part radio stations because that being too provocative, but it became an overnight bestseller nonetheless when human being heard its raw sound



When the tape was formed, it started as a group of friends playing their favourite tunes. Lock were every self-taught in music and had no official training. Their goal was to have fun v each various other while making world happy through their music. Together they gained popularity, they made decision to take it on much more gigs and start performing live for audiences roughly town. The initial lineup contained Timmy top top the drums, Davey on guitar, john on base guitar, Kevin on command vocals and keyboards.

When the band was very first established, it started as a team of friends playing their favourite tunes. Lock were every self-taught in music and had no formal training. Your goal was to have actually fun through each various other while making world happy with their music. As they got popularity, they chose to take on an ext gigs and also start performing live for audiences roughly town. The initial lineup had Timmy on drums, Davey on guitar, john on base guitars and also vocals, Kevin played command vocals and also keyboards in addition to some rhythm instruments like harmonica or tambourine when needed. They continued this heat up until about 1984 as soon as Johnny left permanently native the band due to hisJonny due to the fact that he want to perform something more complicated and rewarding. That realized that being a CEO wasn"t for him, therefore Jonny decided to seek his dream of ending up being a artist instead.

The X empire Band is the most popular, significant band in history. Their songs room played ~ above radio station every day and their albums offer out within hours of gift released. They"re one of the few bands who have been able to make a solid comeback after acquisition a break from do music. In this blog write-up we will certainly talk around what the X realm Band has done for society and how they have influenced our culture as well as other facets of life such together art, fashion, technology, etc.


The X-It tape was formed in 1992 in Birmingham, Alabama v members indigenous three different high schools. They to be a funk and also jazz band the played songs by groups like Earth, Wind & Fire and Tower the Power. The group disbanded after play their last show at the 2004 fight of Bands in ~ Samford University"s Huff room on Saturday, march 12th.

The X-It band started out together a basic idea, however it has had actually a substantial impact ~ above society. Once the creator the the band designed it, he never ever dreamed that it would come to be so popular. It is currently one of the most typical accessories for human being to wear and also can be seen in both formal and also casual settings. The X-It Band additionally provides fantastic opportunity for advertisers come advertise your products due to the fact that they have the right to reach more people than ever before with this brand-new invention!


Since its inception in 2013, the X-Hero band has been make waves through their inspirational text and powerful performances. The rock band is not only changing the people one display at a time, but they are likewise contributing to social readjust through their charity work. This has distinguished them from various other bands in the absent industry.

The tape was created in 2013 by former NFL player and also front man Mark Simone, who had actually an idea to begin a rock team that would certainly be something different from what he has seen before on stage. He want music that touched every listener with lyrics that were meaningful - "something human being could relate to." and also even despite they space just beginning out, this is one rock band you donot want to miss! The band Members space Vitality (drums), Anthony (bass guitar), chris (guitar) and also Jesse (lead vocals).



The X Hells tape is a punk rock band from san Francisco. The initial members space Tim, the singer; Chris, the drummer; and John, the bassist. They developed together in 1986 after lock met in ~ a local concert the was headlined by the Dead Kennedys.

The X Hells tape is a team of four musicians that push limits with their sound. Consisted of of members from different musical backgrounds, they produce an eclectic mix that has been defined as "a sonic journey." your music arrays from indie rock to psychedelic blues and also everything in between. The band consists of drummer and also producer Johnathan Williams (famous because that his job-related with the black Keys), guitarist and also vocalist Dean Ween (of Moistboyz fame), bassist Dave Dreiwitz (of Ween fame) and also keyboardist glenn McClelland.

The X Hells Band: pushing Boundaries. The X Hells band is a group of 4 musicians who push borders with your sound. Made up of members from various musical backgrounds, they develop an eclectic mix that has actually been explained as "a sonic journey." their music ranges from indie absent to psychedelic blues and everything in between. The band consists of drummer and also producer Johnathan Williams (famous because that his job-related with the black color Keys), guitarist and vocalist Dean Ween (of Moistboyz fame), bassist Dave Dreiwitz (of Ween fame) and keyboardist valley McClelland.

X Japan

The tape X Japan has actually been around for a if now. They an initial formed in the 1980s together an all-female group called X but came to be male-dominated after lead singer Yoshiki"s sister Yuki died of leukemia. The music they produce is absent with hefty metal and techno influences. In fact, it to be their solitary Rusty nail that collection the phase for future bands to come.

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X Japan"s music has constantly been inspired by their lives however none more than once they shed Yuki. Altogether, the band have about five or six albums to their surname with several of them walk on come be watched as standards in Japanese rock such as Art that Life and also Blue Blood. The team disbanded for a decade after vocalist Yoshiki to be diagnosed through acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) in 2007, i beg your pardon is a cancer that starts from white blood cells called granulocytes (aka neutrophils). After ~ his diagnosis, he had less than 2 years left before all indicators of AML would certainly reappear and become fatal again, so that wasnot basic decision because that him.

Get prepared for the show of a life time with this list of bands that begin with X. Whether you room looking for brand-new tunes to blast in your car or desire some music to help you wind down after a long day, we"ve got something right here for everyone. Check out our playlist below and also listen in!