Banana pepper rings space as popular as pickled pepperoncini. This write-up will tell girlfriend the specific difference in between banana peppers and pepperoncini. That will help you choose the correct one for your recipe.

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Banana peppers are called so because they often tend to resemble bananas.

Banana peppers room long, cylindrical, and slightly curved. In ~ maturity, they have the right to be about 2-3 customs (5-8 cm) long and also yellow. Due to the yellow color and the curve, castle look like tiny bananas.Pepperoncini are likewise 2 come 3 customs (5 come 8 cm) long, but are bright eco-friendly (or slightly yellowish green) as soon as mature. They taper to a blunt-lobed end.

On Maturity

The many ripe banana peppers room sweeter 보다 the younger ones. They readjust from green to yellow, orange, or red.Pepperoncini peppers ripen come a deep red color. The matured ones have actually a more powerful flavor.

Skin Type

Walls that banana peppers are relatively thicker than those that the pepperoncini. They can be offered for pickling, however, banana pepper ring are much more commonly provided in stir-fries.Pepperoncini are thin-walled peppers and also hence are typically used because that pickling. They have the right to absorb the neighboring liquid an extremely well.


Banana peppers space mild, sweet, and tangy.Pepperoncini peppers space sweet and mild, but slightly bitter. Pickled peppers space mild and salty. They offer a crunchy texture to the dish.

Scoville Units

0-500 SHU100-500 SHU


There exist numerous cultivars the banana peppers, because that example, Bananarama, Cubanelle, it will be cold Chili, beforehand Sweet Banana, Hungarian Yellow Wax, Sweet Banana, Sweet Hungarian, etc.There exist several cultivars of Pepperoncini peppers. The gold Greek from greek is sweeter and also less bitter 보다 the Italian Tuscan peppers.


1 small (4″ long) life banana pepper (33 g) has 9 calories1 offer (4 peppers) that Mt. Olive pepperoncini contains 10 calories


Banana peppers are supplied in stir-fries, soups, omelets, spaghetti recipes, ice creams, and also are likewise used because that garnishing pizzas, salads, and sandwiches. They are eaten raw, baked, fried, stuffed, roasted, steamed, and pickled.Pepperoncini peppers are supplied in sandwiches, salads, casseroles, scrambled eggs, etc., offered with pizza, appetizers, and Turkish kebabs, and also since they are crunchy, lock are provided to garnish salads. Lock are consumed dried or pickled.

Nutrition Facts

Banana peppers are regularly used fresh. If they room pickled, they can be high in sodium. 1 oz the Heinz pickled peppers save on computer 280 mg sodium.They space loaded v vitamin C. A 4-inch long banana pepper deserve to fulfill approximately 45% of the encourage Dietary pin money (RDA) the vitamin C.They space packed with potassium and vitamin A.They contain little amounts of other vitamins and also minerals too, because that example, phosphorous, iron, B vitamins, vitamin E and also K, etc.They space a great source of antioxidants.

Pepperoncini peppers are generally used pickled, and pickled peppers space high in sodium. 1 offer (4 peppers) that Mt. Olive pepperoncini contains 280 mg sodium.They are low in fat, protein, and carbs.They room rich in potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin C.They contain various other vitamins and minerals prefer iron and calcium.They are rich in antioxidants.

Health Benefits


Being low in fat and calories, and also rich in vitamins and also minerals, banana peppers deserve to be incorporated in weight loss diets. Capsaicin likewise promotes weight loss. The peppers aid improve blood circulation. They assist relieve symptoms of sinusitis and also pain because of arthritis. The antioxidants assist prevent various varieties of diseases.Pepperoncini peppers also offer comparable health benefits. But as they are regularly consumed pickled, the high salt content can impact the duty of the heart and kidneys.

Growing Peppers

Banana peppers deserve to be planted in any kind of USDA growing zone. They would certainly perform ideal in locations where heat weather lasts longer. A full-grown plant can be 12 to 24 customs tall.Pepperoncini peppers deserve to be get an impressive in USDA plant hardiness zones 8 with 10. The plant have the right to be about 30 inches (75 cm) tall. Both this peppers are easy to grow.

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Usually, thin-skinned peppers are provided for pickling, if thick-skinned peppers are used for stuffing and frying. How the peppers are offered depends not just on the heat included in them but additionally on exactly how well they retain the skin color and also texture ~ processing.