A bite native a corn line hurts, therefore you desire the most placid line possible. It is why you need to understand if male or female corn snakes are an ext aggressive, or if it’s just down come the temperament that the snake.

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Neither male nor mrs corn line are more aggressive. Two males in the very same cage will certainly fight because that dominance, while two females deserve to be maintained together. Males tend to get aggressive when they mate, and females can end up being defensive after they’ve set eggs. So, personality and also temperament identify if a line is more likely to bite you.

If a corn line is treated well, climate it will be much less aggressive towards you because you won’t be seen as a peril or threat. We’ll look at what influence temperament, and also when masculine or woman corn line can acquire aggressive.

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1 male vs. Female Corn snake Temperament explained
1.1 are Corn snake Aggressive?
1.1.1 masculine vs. Female owners
1.1.2 handling Sessions
1.1.3 Size and also Weight
1.1.4 Territoriality and also Dominance
1.1.5 two Snakes Living with each other
1.1.6 mating Season

Male vs. Mrs Corn snake Temperament Explained

Owners are split on whether male or mrs snakes are more aggressive, for this reason there’s i can not qualify to be lot of a difference.

Most owners say that they’re the same, and that even if it is a snake is aggressive depends on the snake’s personality, not its sex. However a small minority of owner say females bite more frequently 보다 males.

If you own a male and also female in separate enclosures, there may be a difference in between the pair. But this distinction is because of personality, not biological sex. If friend kept thousands of snakes, you would certainly not an alert a certain pattern through one sex being an ext aggressive than the other.

Are Corn snakes Aggressive?

Corns room not recognized to be temperamental. Some snakes are much more aggressive 보다 others, and also one reason why is even if it is they room captive-bred or not. A captive-bred snake is much less aggressive 보다 a wild-caught snake.

The factor for this is that captive-bred snakes thrive up about people. They discover that their owner aren’t threatening, detailed they handle and also care for your snakes correctly.

Wild-caught snakes no receive any type of socialization, so watch their owner as threats. There space three other reasons of aggression in snakes:


Male vs. Woman Owners

A male snake i will not ~ bite men or ladies any much more regularly 보다 the other. The same applies to mrs snakes. A masculine snake won’t choose male owners more, even if it is or not its first-ever owner were men.

The factor for this disconnect is the snakes aren’t together intelligent as other kinds of pets. According to Current Biology, reptiles in countless ways have actually less emerged brains 보다 mammals. They additionally lack the instinctual social skills that other animals have.

Handling Sessions

Corn line aren’t as aggressive as soon as handled. If excellent correctly, they will tolerate gift picked up and also handled an extremely well.

Whether a snake will certainly be wild or nervous once you choose it up depends on the temperament quite than its sex.

If you have owned your corn snake since it was a juvenile, it will most likely be supplied to friend by now. If the is, then it have to behave well once picked up.

A corn line won’t enjoy handling like various other pets, because reptiles can’t construct bonds v owners, yet it won’t reaction negatively.

Size and also Weight

A large corn snake will feel more comfortable attacking, due to the fact that it is more capable the defending itself. If girlfriend did something it no like, it may act an ext aggressively, e.g. By displaying cage aggression.

But a smaller snake may feel more threatened due to the fact that of how huge you, the owner, are by comparison. As soon as you choose it up, the may try to obtain away indigenous you. It may bite when you’re taking care of it.

According come Animal Behavior, mrs corns are bigger than males. Yet unlike various other species, over there isn’t a far-reaching size difference.

So, in various other species, the dimension of a snake may make one sex much more aggressive than the other, yet not in corn snakes.

Territoriality and also Dominance

Both male and also female corn snakes space territorial. Corn snakes nothing live in social groups, but alone. Every wild corn snake has actually its very own territory, where it has accessibility to water, food, shelter, and surrounding potential mates.

Females and males alike have to secure their territories. Follow to PLoS One, snakes have the right to lay case to territory without the require for fighting. It’s just if they’re maintained in nearby proximity that this i do not care an issue.

You will see this in action if you home more 보다 one corn line in the very same enclosure. However if you house your snake alone, this isn’t even relevant.

Two Snakes life Together

Snakes of any kind of sex i m sorry live in the same small enclosure will invariably fight. That’s due to the fact that they’ve been placed together in near quarters, and feel the they have to fight end territory and food.

If you throw food into a tank v two snakes, they will certainly fight end it. The two room in direct competition, and only the winner it s okay to eat.

The 2 snakes have the right to kill one another, particularly if one is smaller than the other. Plenty of snake types will eat various other snakes, back corn snakes don’t. A snake the eats other snakes is known as an ophiophagic snake.

But over there is a difference in between male andfemale corn snakes here. Two female corn snakes of the same size have the right to livetogether, yet will still fight occasionally. It’s feasible to home themtogether, however not ideal.

Two masculine snakes, though, will instantly start come fight (so need to never it is in housed together). Males fight end mates, as well as territory and also food.

A male and also a mrs corn line living with each other will likewise fight, and any line living with one more snake will additionally be more aggressive towards you. That’s due to the fact that of just how stressed the line is, having actually to re-publishing its territory.


Mating Season

The just time the you’ll notice male corn snakes being an ext aggressive is during their adjustment season.

Aggression relates to just how males compete to breed. To understand why, you have to understand how corn snake attract and also win mates.

You might also notice that females are much more aggressive after they lay your eggs. Females room nervous as soon as you touch or take their eggs.

Male Corn line Aggression throughout Mating

During adjustment season (the spring), femaleswill provide off pheromones. These attract any type of potential male mates nearby. Ifthere is more than one masculine that looks for out the female’s scent, the 2 willcompete.

Both males want to mate through the female. However only the strongest will obtain to carry out so. This, coincidentally, is what the term ‘survival the the fittest’: the pet which can best survive in the environment and also win mates will be the one that gets to breed.

When castle compete, the two males will wrestle. They will certainly each shot to pin the other. Neither will bite the other, due to the fact that this is counterproductive, and may mean that one or both die. Instead, the one the wins the wrestling enhance is understood stronger.

However, you won’t notice this actions in bondage unless girlfriend are actively trying to breed corn snakes. That’s because:

If the masculine isn’t close to a female, there will be no female come fight over.If your male line isn’t near another male, the will have actually no various other male come be aggressive towards, also if friend are reproduction snakes.

In no various other circumstance will certainly you noticethat males are much more aggressive.

Female Corn line Aggression end Eggs

Female corn snakes don’t protect their egg like other species.

However, if you reach in to take it the female’s eggs shortly after she’s laid them, friend may an alert aggression. This is since she has actually only simply laid them, and because she in a fragile state after having laid the eggs.

Males, by contrast, don’t wait roughly to watch their egg laid or hatched. When mating is over, the masculine leaves almost immediately.

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If you want a corn snake that isn’t aggressive, the sex that the snake is irrelevant. Watch the snake and ask to take care of it prior to you to buy it. This will tell you whether it’s most likely to hiss in ~ you or bite a lot.