If you have actually rabbits at home, you understand that they’ll chew on anything. They’ll chew top top cardboard, furniture, and also any sort of twigs, branches or toys you have the right to find. Unfortunately, not all varieties of wood space safe because that rabbits. Before allowing our pets rabbits come chew ~ above toys and also wooden objects, we’ll desire to make certain we know specifically which types are toxic for rabbits therefore we deserve to avoid them.

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Do rabbits have to chew ~ above wood? Rabbits have a organic instinct to chew on wooden objects due to the fact that it keeps their teeth from farming too long. Rabbit this are open rooted, which means they will continuously grow. Chewing on wood and eating other high-fiber foods, is essential for maintaining rabbit teeth healthy.

While some rabbits have actually a discerning palate and also will no eat anything dangerous come them, many pet rabbits will certainly chew on noþeles they deserve to sink their this into. That’s why that so necessary for you, the caretaker, to pay attention to what your rabbit has accessibility to. Take the time to learn about different varieties of wood in her rabbit’s litter, in her furniture, and also in your rabbit’s toys, therefore you have the right to make sure every little thing is safe for your bunny.

Check the end which varieties of wood space safe because that rabbits come chew on.

How danger is gift wood?

If her rabbit manages come chew ~ above some timber that is toxicity to them, climate there is no require for prompt panic. Lumber is dense and challenging for rabbits to chew on, so they commonly can’t eat that fast sufficient to cause any damage. It’s tho a an excellent idea to store an eye on her rabbit come make certain they space still eating and pooping consistently if lock did control to chew on something they shouldn’t have. If your rabbit proceeds to behave typically with normal energy levels, climate there is no need for immediate medical attention.

It’s still necessary to make sure you’re being mindful though. If her rabbit has accessibility to varieties of poisonous hardwood on a regular basis the can cause health problems in rabbits. Recurring or prolonged exposure come unsafe wood, shavings, or also varnishes can reason digestive or liver complications. To it is in on the safe side, it’s ideal to make sure your rabbit cannot chew on any type of of these toxic types of wood.

Yew is highly toxic to rabbits and should be avoided even after it’s been dried.

5. Yew

You need to not provide your hare yew branches, also if they have been reduced from the tree for a couple of weeks and also dried. This actually causes them come become more toxic and also not less, like plenty of other trees. Yew is very dangerous and contains chemicals that can reason sudden death in rabbits. Yew foliage and also berries are also highly toxic for rabbits and should it is in avoided.

6. Holly

Holly trees, foliage, and berries room mildly poisonous to rabbits and should be avoided. Holly is in reality a name for a team of trees and also shrubs. They space mostly identified by your shiny and spiky leaves. Other plants that may be in the house about holidays the you need to keep far from her rabbit include mistletoe and ivy plants.

7. Bamboo

Bamboo is just one of those species of hardwood that civilization have mixed opinions on. Friend will discover some resources saying bamboo is totally safe because that rabbits, and others speak it’s toxic. For this reason what gives?

There are two reason that bamboo has such mixed opinions:

Bamboo is not technically a hardwood (it’s a form of grass). fairly than gift high in fiber, prefer wood, bamboo is in reality high in sugar and also starch. When the bamboo chin is no toxic because that rabbits, that can reason gastrointestinal problems if consumed in high quantities. For the reason, it’s far better to only provide bamboo come rabbits as if it’s a treat, and limit the amount that they eat.There space bamboo look-alike tree that space toxic to rabbits. Heavenly bamboo is known to be toxicity to rabbits, particularly the leaves, and also should be avoided. Lucky Bamboo is another range of bamboo look-alikes. The impacts of this one on hare hasn’t been studied, yet it’s known to it is in toxic towards cats and also dogs therefore many civilization will avoid offering it to your rabbits.

8. Elder trees

All components of a europe elder tree are taken into consideration mildly toxicity to rabbits and should be avoided. This trees are aboriginal to Europe, but they now grow in areas roughly the civilization including phibìc America. So the is best to avoid offering your rabbit any kind of branches or twigs. Together a note, european elder trees space not the very same as American elderberry trees. The last is safe for rabbits.

9. Painted or cure wood

When lookin at any type of of the furniture, toys, or habitat accessories her rabbit has access to, you want to make sure the wood has actually not been painted or treated v toxic chemicals. Periodically rabbits will instinctively prevent chewing on noþeles that has actually been treated, but many times they nothing know any kind of better. It’s finest to keep everything out of reach of your rabbit if over there is any kind of doubt.

For some reason, carriers will to produce rabbit playthings using repaint that is not healthy for them. There space some companies who will use a vegetable dye repaint which is for sure for rabbits. You deserve to usually phone call if the toy supplies a vegetable-based paint by running it under water. If the dye on the toys runs in water, the likely way it has actually been produced using vegetable dye, and also the toy is safe. However any other form of paint have to be avoided and also the toys must be replaced.

10. MDF boards

MDF plank is medium-density fiberboard. It is generally used in carpentry such as for bookcases and cabinets. MDF plank are consisted of of condensed lumber fiber and also shavings that room sealed in addition to wax and also resin.

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You have to not usage MDF board to construct a DIY hare hutch, and shot to make sure your hare cannot chew on any type of furniture make from this. MDF plank contain a formaldehyde and also is toxic to hare if castle chew on that or if they even inhale the dust particles from the wood.

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