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It has been nearly 10 years due to the fact that Brian Kelly landed his dream project as the head soccer coach that Notre Dame. Not just was that a dream come true for Coach Kelly, however for his dad, too. Paul Kelly is in ~ every game supporting his son and beaming through pride.

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Win or lose, Paul Kelly embraces his son Brian on the field after every Notre Dame game

\"Believe that or not, my wife and I quiet pinch ourself in the morning. We wake up in the morning and we look the end the window and we\"re looking in ~ the golden dome, touchdown Jesus, the Basilica. And I say to mine wife, \"Did ns die and also go come heaven? This is simply fantastic.\"\" Paul said.

It\"s moments favor these the Paul might have never imagined when working two jobs and raising his family.

\"I was working for a petroleum firm in the oil industry and I was functioning at the dog track, think it or not. Ns was an water level at the dog track 6 nights a week, which i hated, yet it was something I had actually to do,” Paul said.

Coach Kelly was the middle son in an irish catholic family cultivation up in a working class neighborhood that Boston.

\"He was just the average little boy. He was so close come his brother. His brother is 11 month older. He had a younger brother and also a younger sister so, it was kind of chaos. You understand what that\"s like, with 4 kids under 5. A most running around. A small mischief, but as whole I would say he was prefer every other small boy, we\"re walk to get in trouble and also fighting through his brothers, yet they became really close,” Paul said.

Time was valuable in those days due to the fact that Paul didn\"t have a most it.

\"I deserve to remember him taking me to beforehand morning workouts, hockey in ~ 5:30am. The didn\"t issue what, he was always there,” Coach Kelly said.

Paul operated his way through college and got into politics, becoming an alderman in Boston. A occupational ethic the resonated v Coach Kelly.

\"My dad in particular, as it relates to sports, few of the simple old fashioned tenets; never start something unless you finish it. Beat the video game the right way, i mean all of those classic tenets. He never ever missed any of my games, wherever i played the was constantly there. So, I always had that support from him and also I always felt choose I wanted to provide that because that my family and my kids as well as no matter where lock were we were walking to perform our finest to be there for them,” Coach Kelly said.

Coach Kelly play football at assumption College.

After graduation, that had quick stints together the women\"s soft ball coach and also as an assistant v the football team at his alma mater prior to getting his very first big break at cool Valley State University.

\"When he obtained to Allendale, Michigan in his an initial job together a GA, the head coach said me ‘He\"s obtained possibilities. He can be a really good coach.’ for this reason he got some breaks follow me the way and he obtained the head task after a couple of years. He invested 13 years at cool Valley. Winner 2 national Championships, should have actually won 3 and then he came to be a recognized quality and also got right into Division-1. The rest is history,” Paul said.

December 10th, 2009 Brian Kelly was called the head coach at Notre Dame and Paul has been along for the ride ever since.

“I got no complaints. No complaints. I simply hope ns live long sufficient to check out the nationwide Championship and I think it\"s within grasp. We keep moving a long and getting better and much better at it and we\"ve gained the culture established that it\"s a win program and also we\"ll never see that 4-and-8 again. If us do, I\"ll it is in leaving town,” Paul said.

For Paul, see his son\"s dream come true is all he can have ever asked for.

\"I enter the locker room after every game and also get a chance to hear to him speak to the team. Periodically I\"m crying however most of the time I\"m laughing. No crying due to the fact that we lost or us didn\"t have actually a great game, however crying realizing that he is was standing up there in prior of the university of Notre Dame, i m sorry I grew up listening come on the radio. I still can\"t traction it all with each other sometimes, girlfriend know. It gets emotional but I wouldn\"t trade it because that anything else appropriate now,” Paul said.

In Coach Kelly\"s 10 seasons as the head football coach the Notre Dame, Paul has actually only let go one video game home and away.

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He acquired sick earlier this season, but is feeling much better and doesn’t arrangement to miss another game.