By now you’re probably aware of the crazy positive buzz that “Pitch Perfect” has been receiving within this past week. What’s the big deal with this movie? Well to put it in a nutshell, “Pitch Perfect” is witty and entertaining to watch. One of the many great things about this film is the cast, headed by “Up in the Air” and “50/50” actress Anna Kendrick.

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In “Pitch Perfect” we center on Beca (Kendrick), an outcast who wants little or nothing to do with the new college she’s a part of. When the a cappella all-girls group sets their sights on her, Beca gives them the edge they need in order to face their fiercest competition; the smug all-boys group from their college.

So while you’re con why don’t you read our cute interview with actresses Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow below.

Were you guys involved in that world in high school ?

Anna Kendrick: Deeply… <laughs> I started doing theater when I was young but this particular movement of a cappella, not the kind of barbershop quartet thing that you think about. It’s not a group of boys serenading somebody under a window kind of a cappella. This is kind of like vocal instrument movement which is something I didn’t know about until 2004. My friend dragged me to a USC/UCLA competition because he had a crush on one of the guys in the a cappella group. I thought this is going to be painful but by the end of it I was Dorkface McGee in the audience singing along.

Did you guys do any research while you were preparing? Like did you watch episodes of “The Sing-Off” or “Glee”?

Brittany Snow: I’ve never seen an episode of “Glee”… I think that’s what’s so funny about people comparing it so much. I guess there’s the musical aspect, but a cappella is different than a glee club. It’s singing but it’s a different kind of world. When we were shooting “The Sing-Off” was actually airing so I would always try to watch it. Actually a couple of the people in the movie were on “The Sing-Off.””The Sing-Off” was the thing we all watched when we were doing the movie. It was cool seeing those people and then the ones that won the big a cappella competition played a cameo.

And Beca she seems a little softer on the inside than how she appears on the outside…

Anna Kendrick: I tried to break her down as often as possible. There’s stuff that didn’t even end up in the movie or they would use a take where I’m being a little cooler. At every turn I wanted an opportunity to embarrass her because I think that’s when you relate to girls or characters in general. When you see the cracks in the pavement. I don’t like a character because you’re telling me she’s cool. I like her because she’s broken. I think this is a silly example, but I think on “Community” people didn’t warm up to Gillian’s character until they started breaking her down. Everybody loves Britta now but in that first season it was like they’re just telling me she’s the character I’m supposed to like but I don’t want to. To me it was important to show just how broken and average Beca is. That she’s decided to present herself to the world this way but that underneath that she’s still wears dirty socks and stuff. She’s just utterly ordinary in a lot of ways.

What was your favorite song to sing in the movie?

Brittany Snow: “No Diggity.”

Anna Kendrick: We f–king love that song.

Brittany Snow: That song has always been my karaoke song. I was so jealous that had to do the rap part. I think there might be some takes that I’m in the back lip synching. I couldn’t help myself! I know all those words. I think it’s such a good song because everyone loved it in a time where everyone was just getting into that type of music. You felt really cool singing that song.

This isn’t only a movie about A Cappella, but it’s a very girl-centric, girl power-y movie at the same time. Can you comment on working with the rest of your cast who played the rest of the A Cappella group? Because it seemed like you girls were pretty tight-knit.

Brittany Snow: I think she probably had the most scenes that were not with the rest of the girls but I think all of my scenes are with them. I think the rehearsal process lent itself a lot to us bonding and really getting to know each other in a very close proximity because we were rehearsing everyday. Having to learn all these dances, kind of fumble through it and learn who each of us were… it turned out to be so much fun and I think we really got along really well. I think when we were shooting we were all just kind of in awe that everyone got along so well.

Anna Kendrick: Yeah, because we were waiting for the ball to drop. Waiting for somebody to turn out crazy and pull somebody’s weave out or something. <laughs>Brittany Snow: I definitely assumed that some huge, dramatic thing was going to happen but it really didn’t. In this movie it’s not like one person is with this person all the time in these scenes. We all interact and we’re all together. I think that’s cause we all genuinely liked each other.

There’s a lot of great performances in this and there’s a lot of great lines that I think people are really going to remember. How much improvisation was there in this?

Anna Kendrick: Yeah, in some cases there were alternate lines. Kay (Cannon) would send alternate lines from New York the night before. Jason (Moore) and I would go through and kind of try and pick our favorites or the ones I thought I know how to make this funny or I don’t know how to make this funny. I actually… I just realized I haven’t seen the finished, finished movie so I don’t know what made it.

Brittany Snow: The bug tattoo thing was cut out.

Anna Kendrick: Oh no! <laughs>Brittany Snow: She was wearing a bug tattoo in the movie and there’s something in the script where Chloe is supposed to connect to Beca right away, even though Chloe is a little creepy when it comes to that. We were looking for something that could connect them right off the bat. She had a grasshopper tattoo on her wrist as the character and I was like “Oh my God, I have a ladybug tattoo!” So in the movie I was like “I have a bug tattoo!” And the entire time we were shooting in between takes she kept saying “I have a bug tattoo.” <laughs>Anna Kendrick: It was such a great Chloe moment to me because that to me is Chloe’s whole personality. She’s just the antithesis of Beca in that way where she has no guard up. Where it’s just like here are some things about me and just doesn’t feel like she has to protect herself. You have red hair? I have brown hair! You have a bug tattoo? I have a bug tattoo! And that’s it, whereas Becca is so sarcastic she doesn’t want to offer up anything to anybody. So the idea that Chloe thinks “I know how I’ll connect with this girl! I have a bug tattoo!” is just so f–king cute and perfect.

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“Pitch Perfect” is out in select theaters now and is released nationwide on October 5th.