Fire Red & Leaf green had a pretty interesting advancement cycle. Below are some things you probably never knew around the games.

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Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen
Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen come out end 15 year ago, and the Gen ns remakes space still well-known entries in the franchise all these years later. At the time of your release, FireRed & LeafGreen either offered as an introduction to the series for new fans, or a much needed update of a classic adventure for collection veterans.

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as the years have gone by, an ext and an ext about the games have been uncovered by specialized fans. Yes a an excellent deal of history behind these titles – and also while it all won’t be touch upon here, these are few of the more interesting and obscure truth you might’ve missed. Here are 10 points you never ever knew around FireRed & LeafGreen.

10 Movie Differences

starting things off, we look in ~ an Easter egg that pops up right at the start of the game. What far better way to start off the end list? The Easter egg in inquiry actually varies, depending on whether or not the player made decision the masculine or mrs protagonist at the begging that the game.

In either case, players can observe a film playing on the tv in your home. If the player is play as the male protagonist, the summary of the movie is likely a recommendation to Stand through Me, while the summary given once playing together the female protagonist is most likely a referral to The magician of Oz.

despite the chances of this happening space pretty rare, the occasions in question deserve to really chaos up your possibilities of catching one of the legend beasts. After obtaining the national Dex, Entei, Raikou and also Suicune will be made obtainable to the player as roaming legendaries. However, yes sir a glitch that could ruin players chances of recording one of the three.

during the battle, if girlfriend use typical Look and that’s complied with up by one of the 3 using Roar, the fight will end. Nothing unexplained there. But don’t conserve your game just yet. This actually causes whichever of the three you were fighting to disappear indigenous the map fully – making catching it in the save paper impossible.

The Sevii Islands to be a fun enhancement to the Gen i remakes, that really added depth to the games and made because that some good post-game content. Of all the points you deserve to see and discover there, this is definitely one the the most obscure.

yes an area north of six Island called “Pattern Bush”. This is one area that’s exclusive to the remakes, and is stated to have actually been designed to resemble the circuit plank of the initial Gen ns games.

This is a pretty helpful glitch that you deserve to really take benefit of, and something many players probably would have, had actually they known around it in advance. In order for this glitch come happen, the player needs to travel come the leg on course 24.

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There, they’ll have actually an encounter through a Rocket Grunt after beating all five trainers ~ above the bridge. Together a reward, the Grunt will give the player a Nugget. Shedding the battle however is an ext beneficial, as you’ll still have the Nugget in your inventory after girlfriend respawn. Going ago will note the very same battle and also another possibility to obtain the Nugget. You have the right to just loose over and also over again for as long as you will do like. It’s a great way to accumulate money at an early stage the the game.

players who gain seeing the most in every location may have currently caught on come this Easter egg. While in Pewter City, the player can head end to the Pewter City Museum. There they deserve to view a space exhibit top top the first floor. A nearby NPC will mention July 20th, 1969 and also mankind wade on the moon – a recommendation to the yes, really moon landing.

The Rocket Warehouse is located on five Island, and also needs 2 passwords to gain in. It’s straightforward enough, yet if you take a look in ~ both passwords, you’ll notice something interesting about each.

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Both passwords, "Goldeen need log" and also "Yes, nah, Chansey" room actually Palindromes. You can read them the same means front and also back. That a tiny detail yet pretty funny to keep in mind nonetheless.

together is the instance in most Pokémon games, every Pokémon is provided a shining variant. However that doesn’t average that they’re all obtainable. Take Celebi because that instance.

Celebi is offered a Shiny different in the Gen ns remakes, same as any kind of other Pokémon. However, Celebi deserve to only be obtained – legitimately, not with the usage of hacking – via distributions. That means that the Shiny version wasn’t obtainable by common means. The very same goes for the main point Gen III titles as well.

Lorelei is a pretty difficult opponent, and was the source of frustration for many young Pokémon fans ago in the day. Despite she’s tough as nails, her noticeable love that Pokémon Dolls is something the doesn’t go unnoticed come the player. Specifically not after uncovering this small secret.

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Lorelei has a home on four Island. Inside you can discover her repertoire of Pokémon Dolls. What many players probably didn’t know was the for every 25 times (yes, that many) the player start the room of Fame, Lorelei will add a new doll to she collection. The max number of dolls she’ll add in is 8. That’s 175 room of Fame gateways in total.

fans of the original Gen I gamings are probably well versed in the lot of rumors and secrets neighboring the games. The most infamous of them every was the evident hidden ar of the legendary Mew; an unassuming truck located in the harbor of the S.S. Anne.

This was of food a bogus rumor, but that didn’t avoid GameFreak from placing the truck back in for the remakes. To be it simply attention to detail, or a ethereal nod at the old rumor?

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One inquiry some fans have constantly had about the Gen ns remakes to be why a Blue version remake wasn’t placed out. If FireRed& WaterBlue would’ve much more closely mirrored the initial titles release (at the very least for west fans), director Junichi Masuda had actually a factor for picking Green instead.

Masuda want to usage a peaceful symbol – other the leaf is stated to stand for – together opposed to sticking to the initial titles’ theme of conflict, in this situation fire clashing with water. That a quite sentiment, so we’re certain disappointed Blue Version fans have long because let the slide. Though to be honest, fire and also foliage don’t often tend to mix all the well.

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