The ground has a slope, because of this I am digging one side down approx 2 ft. To do the floor level. In the procedure of digging, tree roots space everywhere!

Do I have to kill the tree roots or is over there something i can apply to the roots to protect against them native growing? and also if I carry out will it death the tree? that is a black color jack oak, ns think. I am afraid they will prosper through the liner.

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Hi Pamala. Tree roots have the right to be a difficulty for above ground pools. I perform not understand of any means to death the roots however not the tree. That is rare, however, because that tree roots to prosper through the liner. They usually thrive horizontally, together opposed to grass, the grows right up. Tree root will obtain under the pool and over the years they get huge and have the right to be feeling under the liner.

My usual method of dealing with them is to destruction out as numerous as possible and lay numerous sheets the plastic down before the sand. This keeps them out for plenty of years. By the moment it is liner an altering time you may need to destruction them out again and also redo the pool base.

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Another idea can be to dig a trench approximately the pool and fill it with concrete. A nursery could have other options also. Your neighborhood pool store might even have useful suggestions.


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Jul 17, 2013
Armor Shield by: Babe has actually anyone make the efforts Armor shield come cover the roots?

may 25, 2018
tree roots by: anonymous How about copper sulfate to death roots?

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