Vehicle Code 27465b CVC is the California statute that renders it a traffic offense for a perchild to drive a motor auto via tires that have actually worn tire treads.

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California regulation needs the majority of treads to be at leastern 1/8th of an inch in depth for front tires, and also 1/16th of an inch in depth for rear tires. Tires with unlawful worn treads are frequently described as “bald tires.” A violation of this regulation is an infractivity and is puniburned with a traffic ticket.

CVC 27465b claims that “no person shall use on a highmeans a pneumatic tire on a automobile axle once the tire has much less than the following treview depth, except once temporarily mounted on a disabled vehicle…”

The code area then mandays, for a lot of vehicles, a tcheck out depth of:

1/8th of an inch at all points in all major grooves on a front tire,1/1sixth of an inch at all points in all major grooves on rear tires, and3/16th of an inch tcheck out depth at all points in all major grooves on scurrently tires.

Examples of violations

driving a passenger car through worn tires.having rear tires on a car through a tread depth under 1/16th of an inch.a driver making use of snow tires through a tire tcheck out depth under 3/16th of an inch.


Drivers have the right to obstacle a relocating violation under this The golden state auto code section via a legal defense. Usual defenses are for the accused to display that:

the tire via imcorrect treads was a spare tire being used because of an accident,there was an error in treview depth calculations, and/orhe or she was operating an agricultural car.


Driving a vehicle through bald tires is a crime in The golden state. It is charged as an infraction, which is a less significant offense than a:

The crime is punished with a traffic ticket that comes through a fine of $25.00.

A violation does not result in the DMV placing points against the motorist’s driver’s license. Note that the build-up of points is unfavorable given that it can lead to:

a license suspension,a motorist gaining his/her driving privileges revoked, and

Our individual injury and criminal defense attorneys will highlight the complying with in this article:

2. How have the right to I challenge a CVC 27465b ticket?6. Are tright here regulations pertained to this statute?


3. What are the potential fines?

A violation of this statute is charged as an infraction.

A driver will certainly be issued a ticket and have to pay an underlying fine of $25.00. Note that this is the base fine. The actual fine will certainly price much more as it includes:

fines, andassessments.

A bald tire violation does not bring about a allude on the offender’s DMV driving document.

4. What happens if I disregard the citation?

It is a further California crime if a driver ignores a web traffic ticket. “Ignore” right here indicates failing to appear in court as soon as forced to resolve it.

A driver hregarding sign a written promise to show up in court if he/she is issued a web traffic ticket in The golden state.

A party commits an offense, “failure to appear” per Vehicle Code 40508 CVC, if he/she willfully breaks this promise and also stops working to display in court.5

A violation of this legislation is charged as a misdemeanor. The crime is punishable by:

a fine of approximately $1,000.6

Keep in mind that the legislation applies to any type of traffic ticket, including tickets involving:

5. Can this be offered as proof in an individual injury claim?

A driver in violation of these legislations might reason a web traffic accident via another perboy. For example, a worn tire may cause a blowout which leads a driver to collide via another motorist.

In this occasion, if the motorist suffers injuries, he/she have the right to file an individual injury lawsuit versus the driver.

In this suit, the driver via worn tire treads might be found “negligent.”

A negligent party should compensate the plaintiff for any kind of injuries that he/she suffered.

California law says that a driver is “negligent per se” if he/she violates a statute. In the conmessage of CVC 27465b, this indicates a driver would certainly be negligent per se in an accident if he/she:

caused the accident and also injured one more party, andwas driving a auto through bald tires in violation of the statute.

6. Are there laws regarded this statute?

Tright here are 3 legislations related to driving a car through bald tires. These are:

driving a auto via an excessive length – CVC 35400,coasting in neutral – CVC 21710, anddisobeying a sign, signal, or web traffic control tool – CVC 38300.

6.1. Vehicle via extreme length – CVC 35400

Vehicle Code 35400 CVC is the California statute that states a motor car cannot exceed an as a whole length of 40 feet.

Exceptions to this legislation execute use via regards to:

many commercial vehicles,institution bsupplies,campers,truck tractors, andsemitrailers.

Like through a worn tire tread violation, a ticket under this statute will certainly not result in a DMV point.

6.2. Coasting in neutral – CVC 21710

Vehicle Code 21710 CVC provides it a traffic offense for a driver to coast in neutral while going downhill.

As with Vehicle Code 27465b, a violation of this statute is charged as an infractivity.

6.3. Disobeying a sign, signal, or web traffic manage device – CVC 38300

Vehicle Code 38300 CVC is the The golden state statute that renders it an offense for a driver to disobey any:

website traffic sign,signal, orwebsite traffic regulate tool.

Some examples of “indications, signals, and devices” are:

speed limits,crosswalks, andno parking in designated parking lot indicators.

A web traffic ticket for violating this law prices about $238, which is more than a bald tire ticket.

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