Updated ~ above July 23, 2021 with information around the High point Community Theatre manufacturing of "A Christmas Carol: The Musical.

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tennis2007.org — tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit and Ebenezer Scrooge will return to the Triad this vacation season.

Seven year after the north Carolina Shakespeare Festival shut its doors in High Point, a team of veteran actors from the firm will recreation its manufacturing of “A Christmas Carol.”

From Dec. 9 come 19, lock will lug the play based on Charles Dickens’ novella to Well-Spring retirement community.

Theater actor, director and producer Meredith DiPaolo Stephens, who offered as assistant regulating director at the Shakespeare Festival from 2001 to 2014, will produce “A Christmas Carol” under the umbrella the Goodly framework Theatre.

Goodly structure is a performing arts firm Stephens started with a mission come rediscover and redefine the borders of Shakespeare.

The Shakespeare Festival presented a “A Christmas Carol” annually for 36 years. Gaue won struggles compelled the agency to near in 2014.

tennis2007.org-based Triad Stage likewise presented “A Christmas Carol” in Winston-Salem for numerous years until the COVID-19 pandemic shut down live entertain in 2020.

High allude Community Theatre has actually been creating "A Christmas Carol: The Musical" at High allude Theatre due to the fact that 2015. That is a massive production, through 60 come 75 local actors members of every ages and also a live 11-piece orchestra.

Stephens said she want to proceed the tradition of the Shakespeare Festival’s legendary artistic director Pedro Silva, who passed away in June 2019 at age 71 from complications stemming native pancreatic cancer.

“Pedro to be not all set to offer up top top the festival once it closed,” Stephens stated in this week’s announcement. “Before his death, he and also I often talked about bringing ‘A Christmas Carol’ back. In fact, he gave me all the boxes of materials from the show — the script and the score — and also encouraged me to create it v my company.”

Stephens has actually enlisted the assist of several theater professionals, every one of whom room alumni of previous “A Christmas Carol” productions.

Some participated in the production once they to be children. Others offered as actors, designers and music directors because that consecutive years.

“When i think about the many impactful time in my career in theater, i think around ‘A Christmas Carol,’” Jenna Tamisiea Elser, that performed in the show from 2010 come 2013, claimed in the announcement. “It to be a spirited, heartwarming present that supposed so much to the community, and also for me, it was life changing.”

Now the imaginative director of bright Lyric Theatre in Greenville, S.C., Elser will certainly co-direct the production with note Armstrong, who performed and also music directed “A Christmas Carol” for 17 years with the Shakespeare Festival.

Other members that the production team who are alumni encompass David Sebren as production manager, well-known Triad actress Pauline Cobrda as music director and also Wally Eastland as collection and lighting designer.

The production will attribute a brand-new set style that payment homage to the show’s previous designs. It also will have a new costume design, however featuring few of the original iconic pieces from the former Shakespeare Festival costume shop.

The cast will consist of 22 professional and community gibbs — mainly “A Christmas Carol” alumni — v some brand-new faces, consisting of several regional children showing up in their first professional production.

Mark Woodard, known for his charming portrayal the Fred in “A Christmas Carol” from 2009 come 2013, will certainly portray the stingy Ebenezer Scrooge.

Stephens also plans to continue to expand the tradition of Silva and the Shakespeare Festival. That has taking increase the mantle of education outreach through a reimagined statewide college tour.

“After 15 month in a human being without in-person theatre and access to outreach performances in schools, that time to bring ago the annual production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ that we love,” Stephens said. “It’s time to respect Pedro’s legacy.”

want to go?

What: "A Christmas Carol," presented by Goodly framework Theatre 

When: Dec. 9-19

Where: Well-Spring Theatre, 4100 Well spring Drive

Tickets: $40 adult, $35 students and also seniors, on sale Nov. 8.

Tickets and information: www.goodlyframe.org

Etc. Audience: The pat is an ideal for periods 8 and also older. Babes in arms and also toddlers room kindly discouraged.


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