Where is the fuel pump located in Honda Accord 1997 station wagon? all of sudden it won't start. I adjust the spark plug, I check the fuse for fuel pump and it's good. Now I suspect probably the fuel pump. Help please?

might want to examine fuel pump relay very first as well, fuel pump is in the fuel tank. Below is a overview to help you adjust it out action by step.

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https://www.tennis2007.org/articles/how-to-replace-an-electric-fuel-pumpPlease permit us recognize if you require anything rather to get the difficulty fixed.


The fuel pump is located in the gas tank. You can obtain to the from an accessibility hole in the trunk. They room proud of the price, around $250.00
Fuel pump was intermittently working. No gas at fuel injectors. Not sure if the selenoid is working or whereby it is located under the dash or hood. Walk anyone understand what shade it is or what shade of wires come out of it? Any aid would it is in great! many thanks
I have actually a 1987 Honda accord and it the end of the blue just stopped getting any type of power at all to walk to the fuel pump. I have actually a repair book but can\"t find any answers. What should I look because that to fix the problem? I recognize the pump isn\"t bad and there is just no juice going back to that
try direct strength from battery come fuel pump-pump turns on check and test fuse no.11, fuel pump relay and main relay.
We added a brand-new fuel pump relay and also it quiet doesn\"t work. Would anything acquire damaged if us direct connected it come the batery and also drove the car like that?
How about the key relay did you check and also test? If you can rig it v a toggle switch walk for it-no its no gonna execute anything wiring it direct.
hi blitz210, Fuel injected and also carburetted models use different species of fuel pump relays.The fuel pump relay because that fuel injection version is incorporated into the main relay.It is a seven pin dark grey or brown relay discovered underdash just above the driver side fuse box.
it is carburated and also we changed the fuel pump relay and have checked all of the fuses and still nothing. Would it be finest to usage a jumper wire and do a direct connect to make it work?Thanks
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