Convert a blended number to an improper fractivity making use of the calculator below. Follow alengthy to see each action to make the convariation yourself.

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Add the converted whole number to the remainder from the combined number to resolve the improper fraction

How to Convert a Mixed Number to an Imcorrect Fraction

A blended number is a number represented as using a totality number and a fraction. A blended number is a fraction that, as soon as diminished, has actually a numerator bigger than the denominator.

Follow these 2 straightforward steps to transform a combined number to an imcorrect fraction.

Step One: Convert the Whole Number to a Fraction

The first step to converting a combined number to a portion is to convert the totality number to a fraction. To carry out this, multiply the totality number by the denominator of the fraction.

Then put the result over the denominator.


For example, let’s convert the entirety number 2 in the blended fractivity 2 14 to a portion.

First, let’s uncover the numerator:numerator = 2 × 4numerator = 8

Then put the numerator over the original denominator 4:fractivity = 84

Tip Two: Add the Fractions to Solve the Imappropriate Fraction

The following action is to include the fraction from the last step through the fraction in the mixed number to discover the improper fraction.

To perform this, include the numerators of each fraction together, then put the amount over the denominator. The result is an improper fraction.

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For example, include 84 and 14 to discover the fraction.

First, include the numerators:numerator = 8 + 1numerator = 9

Then put the numerator over the denominator 4:imappropriate fractivity = 94


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