So you desire to division your portion 5/4 by your entirety number 2, right? You"re in the appropriate place. In this basic walkthrough guide, we"ll present you specifically what you should do to divide any fraction by a totality number (it"s supervisor simple). Keep analysis to find out!

If you"ve ready any of our portion walkthroughs before, you"ll recognize we constantly kick the show off with a fast recap for the kids. The number over the separating line is the numerator, and also the number below the line is the denominator. Straightforward stuff but sometimes we have the right to all acquire a small forgetful!

To visualize the concern we are trying to solve, let"s placed 5/4 and also 2 side-by-side so it"s simpler to see:

So below is the exceptionally easy means to figure out what 5/4 divided by 2 is. Every we need to do right here is keep the numerator specifically the very same (5) and also multiple the denominator through the entirety number:

Can it possibly be that just to divide a portion by a totality number? Yup. I hate to disappointed you yet this could be the easiest difficulty you"ve had to settle all work long!

In some situations the new portion we have actually after performing the calculation deserve to be streamlined down additional to lower terms but, in this case, the fraction is already in its shortest form.

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You"re done! You currently know precisely how to calculate 5/4 split by 2. Hopefully you understood the process and have the right to use the same techniques to divide various other fractions by totality numbers.

Convert 5/4 divided by 2 to Decimal

Here"s a little bonus calculation because that you to conveniently work the end the decimal format of the portion we calculated. As soon as you have actually your final fraction, just divide the numerator by the denominator to get your prize in decimal form:

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