the speed of irradiate is 3.0x10^8 m/s. Exactly how long walk it take it light to with the earth from the sun, i beg your pardon is 1.5x10^11m away?
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This question can be addressed using the standard equation the motion: distance = velocity * time. We have two well-known parameters and one unknown parameter; however, in order to resolve the problem we must very first rearrange the equation to deal with for time: time = street / velocity.

distance = 1.5x10^11m ...

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This question can be resolved using the standard equation that motion: street = velocity * time. We have two known parameters and also one unknown parameter; however, in order to settle the difficulty we must an initial rearrange the equation to resolve for time: time = distance / velocity.

distance = 1.5x10^11mvelocity = 3.0x10^8 m/s

Substituting right into the equation:

time = (1.5x10^11m)/( 3.0x10^8 m/s) = 500 seconds

Therefore, light travelling in ~ 3.0x10^8 meters per second takes 500 secs (8 minutes, 20 seconds) to with the Earth, which is 1.5x10^11 meters away from the sun.

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