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I think your blended up through a time belt. Timing chains do go bad, but they critical a long time. Timing belts frequently are changed at 60K or 90K miles for example. Depends on the automobile manufacturer, and also a the majority of them room going away from belts and ago to chains.

GOF - Yes, it is an interference engine. Many stories here of kissed valves and broken engines as result of timing chain/belt failures.DIY male - I\"m no disagreeing with around the longevity the chains, however if they\"re abused by lack of transforming the oil consistently they will be the weak link in the chain, so come speak.
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In our Hondas, absence of maintenance causes timing chains to stretch, and an engine code will pop up. (P0341 i think...from memory)It\"s not a catastrophic failure tho\" so if friend buy a provided car, carry out your oil alters as recommended and you will certainly be OK.
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Not confused. I understand the difference between a chain and a belt. I have seen fail in both. What I absence is suffer with this Honda engines.
Thanks for the replies guys. I am going to introduce a timing chain because that this car. There is obviously some wear. Shown by the imprecise alignment of the time marks. Resulted in me more trouble 보다 I preferred putting it earlier together as soon as the rocker failed.

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Thanks because that the replies guys. Ns am going to recommend a time chain for this car. Over there is obviously part wear. Displayed by the imprecise alignment that the time marks. Brought about me more trouble than I liked putting it back together once the rocker failed.
As fine as any type of other interior engine part failure, and also is a sure sign of neglected oil/filter maintenance.Crankshaft position and cam positions are constantly checked and also if any type of anomaly is detect there will be a check Engine light through codes identify the trouble long prior to severe damages is likely. The location of the camshaft sprockets deserve to be misleading uneven they room locked through lock pins. Pinning the sprockets is a huge job. In addition to chain stretch, the engine-oil controlled cam Chain Auto Tensioner can adjust engine timing. It and two guides should be changed if a new chain is installed.What says some obvious wear might not it is in wear at all but the oddity the the method these flexible valve trains work.A time chain instead of kit is around $200 through 9.2 hours labor i beg your pardon is commonly approximately $100 per hour and also up.God luck,