Does anyone recognize where the relay for the fuel pump is in a 2008 Toyota Camry?? I checked the lid for the box and tbelow is no relay labeled for the fuel pump!! I review on one website where one guy shelp in the 2008 it was mislabeled as the fan 2 relay…any kind of ideas I’m desperate


Check the C/OPN relay. I found that looking over my schematics. However before, locating it proved to be more facility. It’s concealed UNDER the fuse box.

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Turns out you need to take a 10mm bolt out of the fusage box that goes right into the fender. I believed it hosted the totality fusage panel box in but as it transforms out it simply holds the c/opn relay and also the efi relay.

Check this threview out-

Here’s some snips from my schematics. They’re for an "03 yet it appears not much has actually readjusted in this regard. Perhaps wire colors, so be careful…

Keep in mind the Blue/Babsence wire from pump comes back over to the C/OPN relay.

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The EFI relay and Circuit Open relays are inside the engine room junction block, they are not easily accessible from the height like the other relays.

My auto won’t begin, I’ve already changed the spark plugs and also the ignition coils. When I rotate the crucial I don’t think I’m hearing the fuel pump kick on at all so I’m trying to situate and inspect the relay


Well, the plot thickens. There sure is the majority of inconsistent information around this specific relay. The photo you offered doesn’t show up to enhance the description so I went looking further. Check this out, it may be inside the auto in a junction block on the left side under the dash-

Is that red wire in the photos manufacturing facility original? It doesn’t look that means to me. Part of some antitheft add-on device or???