Testing the COP coils in your 3.0L Ford escape (or 3.0L Mazda Tribute) can be a challenge, since three that them space under the input manifold plenum (this write-up can be applied to several other 3.0 Ford models).

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The three that room underneath the intake plenum room the COP coils for cylinders #1, #2 and #3 (cylinder #1 is the one closest to the serpentine belt).

These three have the right to not be easily tested prefer the people that are on the engine financial institution that is closest come the radiator.

Well, in this article, I\"m gonna\" market you a an extensive testing strategy that\"ll assist you obtain to the bottom that the misfire on your 3.0L Ford to escape or 3.0L Mazda Tribute.

Contents of this tutorial:

friend can find this accuse in Spanish here: Cómo Probar ras Bobinas De Encendido (3.0L Ford Escape) (at: autotecnico-online.com).

Important Tips and Suggestions

TIP 1: return the main focus of this short article is testing the COP coils ~ above a 3.0L Ford to escape (3.0L Mazda Tribute), the tests use to the vehicles detailed in the ‘Applies To’ box on the 2nd column (since these vehicles likewise have the COP coils for cylinders #1, #2, and also #3 underneath a plastic input manifold plenum).

TIP 2: The fuel pump relay requirements to be removed prior to testing the COP coils because that spark. This is a security precaution the will protect against the engine native starting.

The photo of the fuel pump relay (in the fuse box) in this write-up is that a Ford escape (Mazda Tribute). You deserve to see this picture here: place Of The Fuel Pump Relay. If your car is not a Ford Escape, you\"ll must consult her owner\"s hands-on or a repair manual for the place of the fuel pump relay ~ above your certain vehicle.

TIP 3: experimentation the COP coils on her Ford Escape might require removed the top component of the intake manifold (known as the intake manifold plenum).

TIP 4: as soon as removing the plastic entry manifold plenum, you\"ve acquired to be extra careful nothing falls into the open intake manifold ports.

Once the plenum is off the input manifold, ingredient clean rags into the 6 open ports to prevent any kind of foreign object (like a bolt) native falling inside.

Symptoms the A bad Ford to escape COP Coil

The most common symptom that a poor COP ignition coil on her Ford to escape is a misfire condition. What ‘throws a wrench right into the works’, is the the misfire problem sometimes doesn\"t collection a diagnostic trouble password (DTC).

You may also see one or an ext of the complying with symptoms:

Check engine irradiate is on through one or several of the complying with DTCs :P0300: random Cylinder Misfire.P0301: Cylinder #1 Misfire.P0302: Cylinder #2 Misfire.P0303: Cylinder #3 Misfire.P0304: Cylinder #4 Misfire.P0305: Cylinder #5 Misfire.P0306: Cylinder #6 Misfire.Rough idle.Bad gas mileage.Excessive tail-pipe emissions (pollution).A \"rotten egg\" smell coming native the tailpipe.This smell is caused by unburned gasoline from the misfiring cylinder overloading the catalytic converter\"s oxidation process.Engine misfires under load. In other words; the engine beginning to miss as you offer it gas.

What Tools perform I have to Test The Ford to escape COP Coils?

You\"ll test and also diagnose the ignition coils ~ above the automobile or truck with some very simple tools. You\"ll need:

A 12 Volt automotive test light.A multimeter.An HEI spark tester.You\"ll need a helper to assist you crank the engine while you do the tests.A repair manual.For any remove and replace details that ns don\"t cover in this article.

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A scan tool will come in comfortable to read any type of misfire diagnostic problem codes save on computer in your Ford Escape\"s PCM\"s memory yet to check the actual COP coils -You do NOT require a scan tool.