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hey guys!!!!what"s up?i"m about to choose up supplied rims indigenous our other anyone recommend which lug nuts to is the linkwhat size does the 8thgen require?thanks!!!!!

The 8 hours gen public is a Honda, so you look because that the Honda Lug Pattern.We room 5 bolt so you will need a set of 20, and the bolt tread is 12x1.5. They are aftermarket, so make certain you to buy aftermarket lugs v the Conical face.

Thanks because that you reply!!!!now I"m stuck which brand come get....Is it worth it to gain expensive lugnuts?So much my friend recommended me volk and project kics....I"m acquiring either black or gunmetal....nothing also flashy....

Both the those are optimal quality, you won"t regret gaining either that the 2.For the many part, that is precious spending money top top lugs. Cheap lugs use cheap metal, and also to placed it simply, lock strip. The steel inside it s okay torn up and also becomes threaded to your certain bolt. Not only this, however cheap lugs have actually been recognized to shred repaint on expensive rims.If her rims are of some value, or also if they aren"t, a set of good lugnuts is one A+ purchase. Generally the an ext expensive people come with a locking nut, because that that added security.

Rays/Volk is probably your best bet. #1 Quality, the expanded ones watch amazing, and you understand they won"t strip.Nothing wrong job Kics ns just uncovered their Neochrome lugs come be quite expensive. Part cheaper choices are; Black works Racing, D1.
Ive had rays extended and also Blox extended. IMO the quality was specifically the same and the blox were about a third of the price. Just downside is there is no lock through the blox. Just depends on what youre looking for out of the lugs.
Right now I"m searching for a closed finish either black or neochrome then no extended....still so countless choices....

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hello fellow 8th members,does anyone know any type of lug nuts the is close up door end and has a little outside diameter?
i check out somewhere bout gorillas....the color chips fast and there"s a propensity to strip down the thread....