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I"ve started to lose my alternator (annoying) and power steering (annoying and dangerous) when I drive through puddles. My serpentine belt has at least 60K miles on it, so I assume it"s time for a change.Back in the day, I owned a "97 Pontiac Bonneville with the 3800 Series II motor. Like my "08 G6 GT with the 3.5L engine, there"s a motor mount in the belt path. I remember there being a secret, like a "leg" I could remove from the motor mount to get the belt out without too much trouble, and maybe a floor jack. G6 owners: what"s the best way to get a belt off of a 3.5L?In case the belt is good and the tensioner is bad, well, I"m happy that this tensioner doesn"t have coolant hoses!
You are correct. There is a tube like spacer about 1.5 inches long that you can pry out once you remove the bolt. If you are standing on the passenger side looking into the engine bay it will be on the right of the mount.There was a lot of cursing of engineers until I found it.

Thanks, I"ll give that a try. The belt doesn"t look cracked, worn, or frayed, but I noticed that if I push on the belt, there"s plenty of "give," and the tensioner arm will even move a bit. Do you think my tensioner is worn out, too?
Some people simply replace it at the same time. I kept the old one. I would use a 3/8 ratchet to see how easy it is to move the tensioner all the way. I had to use a breaker bar to get enough leverage on mine. If the belt has stretched you may be at the extension limit of the tensioner, but a new tighter belt may sit in the sweet spot just fine. Hard to do much more than guess from here Good luck with the replacement
Thanks, hopefully I can try it next weekend. Unrelated, do you think I should proactively replace that motor mount while I"m in that area? The current one seems to be the original factory one. Everything seems to shake all the time, but that"s about par for the course for a 170,000-mile car.
In the past I have spotted motor mount failures by watching the engine / mount whilst someone slowly shifts the car between drive and reverse, giving the transmission enough time to engage. When I have had failures you could see the motor lift and in some cases could see the mount had failed. Aside from that it really comes down to your personal preference. Mine has a similar mileage and I have not replaced them as they seem to still hold the engine firm.
Just some info. That motor mount that"s in that area.....2 long bolts....Mine was cracked (broken in half) and I didn"t even know it until I took the 2 bolts out and had 2 pieces in my hand.....FYI.....GOOD LUCK !!
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