Failure the the Chevrolet V8 belt tensioner remains a typical problem. Although you can find a poor tensioner on practically any Chevrolet V8 version this web page highlights issues on the 4.8L 5.3L and also 6.0L V-8 engines. You can uncover these strength plants in millions of GMC, Cadillac and Chevrolet trucks from the 2000 design year with the 2006 design year. The originally set up GM component number 12609719 falls short in high numbers.

Note that replacement parts available from AC Delco can bring an updated component number. With that said, the is quite feasible to have actually symptoms the a belt tensioner concern that turns out to be something completely different.

And this is why we developed this page. Not just will we cover exactly how to diagnose and also replace a defective Chevrolet V8 belt tensioner we"ll talk around how come verify the this is the genuine problem.

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The typical symptoms the belt squeal, groaning noise, grinding and squeaking have the right to come from other failed components driven through the same serpentine journey belt. If us take ours time and also apply part logic and also positively determine the root reason of the issue.

I have a most experience in ~ diagnosing engine belt noise. I"m no blowing my very own horn here. What I"m trying come say is despite my 30 years of manual diagnosis and repair the this system, i still have to verify the failed component before I order new parts. I don"t want to take the truck apart, change the serpentine tensioner, just to discover out the something else is do noise when I fire it up again. Let us aid you indigenous making this mistake. As a bonus, we"ll supply the serpentine belt routing diagram more down the page in instance yours dropped off that the top fan shroud. Make sure you stick v us until you get to the best practices section at the bottom. This contains a couple of things I"ve learned indigenous making these repairs myself.

Diagnosing poor Belt Tensioners

Squealing or squeaking continues to be two of the most typical symptoms the a defective serpentine belt tensioner. As much as what walk wrong v the part, over there can likewise be a pair of various failures within this one component. The pulley attached to the feather arm has actually a bearing ~ above it.This bearing deserve to fail and also cause a squeaking sound that would drive girlfriend crazy. The noise that the bearing renders often transforms with the engine RPM, yet not always. The other problem that this parts have is a weakening of the anxiety spring. This permits slack in the belt and the noise you actually hear is brought about by slipping end the accessory pulleys.Finally, an additional issue the I"ve viewed quite often with this details GM component number 12609719 is separation of the base and arm assembly. You can see this condition when you turn the tensioner in the counterclockwise direction. As you take the load off that the serpentine drive belt you deserve to see movement between the base the attaches to the engine and also the spring arm that uses tension come the belt.

Diagnosing Idler pulley Problems

Belt chart 4.8L 5.3L and also 6.0L Engines

Excessive activity in this area indicates a failure Chevrolet V8 belt tensioner. The idler pulley fails in far fewer numbers than the tensioner.

This is since the idler pulley-block doesn"t move around and also becomes subjected to less vibration and also wear. However, this component might likewise need instead of at the exact same time the the belt tensioner fails.

You discover this scenerio more often top top high mileage 4.8L 5.3L and 6.0L V8 engines. So here"s exactly how you diagnose a bad idler pulley. With the belt gotten rid of you can examine for beat in the bearing. There have to be absolutely no end play or deflection together you wiggle the hub that the pulley.

In addition, you deserve to spin the idler pulley and also it should complimentary spin easily. If the doesn"t save going because that a 2nd or two I would go ahead and also replace it.

Also you can grab the wheel hub and also rotate it and verify smooth operation. Any gritty or bumpy emotion as you rotate becomes one more indication that this part needs replacing.I"ve checked out a the majority of owners complain about having come replace parts on this engine. Things choose water pumps, alternators and idler pulleys weren"t design to go 300,000 miles. Although none of us choose replacing these components it’s pretty exceptional that you can put this numerous miles on these motors.

What Else reasons Serpentine Belt Noise

It"s important to note that any serpentine belt thrust accessory can make noise the sounds an awful lot choose a defective tensioner or idler pulley. Every of these materials has their very own bearings that can make the very same squeaking, squealing, grind or rumbling noises.Let"s use the car air conditioning mechanism compressor together an example. Return this component can develop noise at assorted speeds the sound frequently worsens once the compressor is engaged. As soon as the AC compressor is the reason of belt noise the sound constantly changes once the compressor cycles on and off.When an alternator bearing fails, it may not show any signs that automotive electric system problems. To appropriately diagnose a failure alternator bearing you eliminate the belt and rotate the sheave on the alternator by hand. Similar to when diagnosing the idler pulley-block there need to be no play or noise.

It should likewise rotate smoothly with no roughness felt. Finally, one old serpentine journey belt or one of poor quality can also generate squealing and also squeaking sounds. You have the right to condemn the rubber belt through eliminating all of the various other possibilities.

However, there is another an approach you can use that offers a solid indication that the belt demands replacing. You can take a high-volume spray party containing clean tap water and wet the belt down.

If the noise disappears totally it could be one indication that a brand-new belt will solve the problem. With that said, using a belt dressing or any kind of oil based product is no recommended. These spray lubricants actually begin to eat away at the rubber quickly.

Replacing the Chevrolet V8 Belt Tensioner

Chevy V8 Belt Tensioner and also Idler Pulley

To gain access to the component you have to remove the wait intake jogger assembly. With this plastic point swung out of the means you"ll have actually plenty that room come compress the tensioner spring by rotating it in the clockwise direction.

Sidebar: although the facility bolt is just a 15 mm in size it takes fairly a little bit of force to rotate the tensioner. You"ll most likely need something longer than a typical wrench. I use a serpentine belt tool, but you can also use a long handle breaker bar or extra lengthy handle ratchet.

One that the evident tips when you go to replace the Chevrolet V8 belt tensioner is to remember where the short bolt goes. 2 of the bolts go v the tensioner assembly and the water pump. The remaining quick bolt threads right into the engine parentheses assembly.

The two much longer bolts download in the upper holes and also the quick bolt threads right into the lowest position. Here"s the important suggest to make.

For some reason people like to crush these bolts once tightening castle down. The official torque specification provided in the general Motors repair manual comes in in ~ 37 foot-pounds.

I extremely recommend using a torque wrench come tighten these bolts. End tightening and also stripping the retaining bolts stay two that the most typical problems connected with DIY maintenance replacement of the Chevrolet V8 belt tensioner.

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Final Thoughts about Servicing the Belt Tensioner

Chevrolet Belt tension Assembly

My long-standing customers understand that I"m no the sort of mechanic that likes to up offer a an easy small repair into a big expensive job. However, once you"re in over there replacing the tensioner you might consider replacing the idler pulley and getting yourself a brand-new high quality replacement serpentine belt at the very same time.My next recommendation goes out to civilization who think about this automobile their forever truck. Once some of my client buy a Chevrolet truck they setup to store it in the family for a long time. They might hand it under to a young driver or save it around as a job-related truck. For this reason you might take into consideration replacing the water pump at the very same time.The original devices water pumps on this trucks last for around 10 year or 150,000 miles. Of course, your results could vary. V that said, if you have a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado with the 4.8L 5.3L or 6.0L engine, your car is already past this milestones. This means your water pump is running on borrowed time.

My last thought around the Chevrolet V-8 belt tensioner points earlier to an alternative diagnostic method. Skilled technicians very own a noise finding device known as the mechanics stethoscope.

This can make quick work that diagnosing every kinds that engine noises. In the case of a fail accessory pulley-block bearing the mechanics stethoscope becomes a valuable special tool. As soon as you place the reminder of the probe top top a healthy and balanced bearing it sounds delightful and smooth.

However, once you place the probe versus a bearing in the procedure of failing it renders a racket. The tool have the right to prevent girlfriend from misdiagnosing these tough to decipher serpentine belt noises. Us filed this post in the miscellaneous automotive problems section. If girlfriend own among these Chevy trucks, you must learn about the typical Vortec V8 coolant leak from the intake manifold.