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I don"t own any ipod or one iphone. I have a Samsung GalaxyS phone call which ns would favor to usage to pat my songs in the car. With various other cars its as basic as making use of a basic Aux cable yet I can"t it seems ~ to figure out just how to do it in my 2008 G35.Is there any type of cable easily accessible in the sector which have the right to be offered for android phones? It just seems favor Infinitis space over obsessed v Ipods there is no realizing that not every human being owns one ipod...seems odd.I dont necessarily want to control my music player in the phone....just desire to play songs choose ive been doing in every my previous cars...

Here is what ns do. Enter a walmart/bestbuy or radioshack store and just acquire a 3.5mm to stereotype cable (Red and White) kinda choose the cable u supplied to plug into a vcr minus the yellow. Plug that right into ur phone and Voila!.

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