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It’s happened to every one of us. Maybe you’re grounding in web traffic on the freeway or possibly you’re to run late because that an appointment once your car’s low-fuel light appears.

You deserve to likely continue to journey after the fuel light come on, yet what walk this signal really average for you and the health of your vehicle?

How much can you really go?

According to this infographic by choose Analysis, some popular automobile models have the right to travel for 30 come 50 mile after the gas irradiate goes on. The median Chevrolet Silverado will continue for 33 miles past “empty.” Volkswagen Jettas average an ext than 43 miles, and the Toyota Corolla top the perform at 47 miles.

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Knowing how far you have the right to drive with low fuel might be reassuring, however the effects on your car can it is in damaging. When your vehicle runs on empty, dirt and contaminates are much more likely to become suspended in the fuel and also block the filter. When gas is very low, the fuel pump is no much longer suspended in liquid and also can overheat. In some cases, short fuel can even impact power steering and also brakes. When this damage is not most likely to take place if you drive with the low gas light on as soon as or twice, you shouldn’t do it a habit. For more information top top the implications of running your car on low fuel, review this short article by imperial Automotive Club.

What about the distance until empty gauge?

Many modern cars come equipped through a distance until empty gauge. This instrument gives an calculation on how far you can go until you run out that gas. When it might be tempting to use this as the ascendancy of thumb rather than relying top top the low fuel light, you may want to rethink this approach. Your gauge is simply an estimate based on your mean mileage and also fuel efficiency at that details time. However, if variables change, and also you suddenly discover yourself stuck in traffic or accelerating an ext frequently, you could be stranded.

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Next time you start running low, it’s ideal not to press your luck. A recommended ideal practice is to keep your tank no much less than ¼ full. Stopping to fill up before your gas gauge hits “E” can save girlfriend stress, damages to your car and also time spent on the next of the road. With more than 1,450® retail places nationwide, there’s certain to it is in a when you need it. You’ll have plenty the fueling options on your following trip if you use our digital locations finder to sketch stores nearest you.