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Does anybody know what size speaker came stock in the front doors for the 2008 Dodge ram 1500 v infinity sound system? I placed my truck details into crutchfield and also it carried up 5 1/4" and also 6 1/2" speakers so i don"t recognize which ones come get. The front passanger door speaker blew and also the crackling is steering me nuts. Likewise does anybody recognize the watt for it? simply want to obtain a similar speaker to change it. Thanks!

That is exactly ^^^ 6x9" speakers in the former doors. Castle aren"t really many watts, which replacement speakers space you considering?

I found some Alpine speaker I was walk to obtain some Infinity however crutchfield says they won"t fit? any type of recommendations?

Some 6x9" speaker won"t right in the share cutout. With a an easy baffle (or spacer) though, you can make them fit.
I put some Infinity Kappa 6x9s in my front doors and I favor them a lot. It"s my very first upgrade in the sound facet of modding, however I have actually no difficulty recommending them come you :smileup:

How about these:
I have the 692.9i speaker in mine. Follow to Crutchfield, those speaker you attached won"t fit her truck.
According come crutchfield my truck takes 5 1/4" or 6 1/2" speakers in my front door but here and everyplace else I read says it has actually 6x9 speaker in the front door. I agree through everybody rather on the 6x9 for this reason I"m walking to acquire an infinity 6x9 and make the fit if I have to.

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Good choice! I had a set of Diamond Audio CM3 6x9" the sounded great, however wouldn"t right in the stock opening. A straightforward 3/4" room fixed the problem. Simply make sure you snug the spacer and the speaker an extremely tightly versus the sheet steel so the won"t interfere with putting the panel earlier on. Girlfriend don"t want any kind of air leaks about the speaker either.