about as rapid as the truck hauling it deserve to go! this bikes aren"t fast, but they"re fun to ride. Think me, that nothing to brag about so its ideal just to leaving it a mystery.

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Yeah, lock aren"t exactly straight-line fast. I have an "01 TTR125L (sure lock aren"t extremly different) and I"ve raced my friend v a XR100 v an aftermarket exhaust, it was in reality close, even when we switched bikes. I additionally raced mine friends old kx80, again close, however it counts who you room up agaisnt and also how good you are. We race in the dirt all the time,but thats simply a mater of that is a better ride though...


I double sported mine wife"s "03 TTR125LR for this reason we have the right to ride on the road between trails. The optimal speed is roughly 45mph through stock gearing. It might pull taller gearing yet even optimized, ns think it"s limit would be around 55mph through a 135# rider.

Shaky Jake

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i heard you deserve to actaually get them to 120!!