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all 3 of my cigarette lighters stopped working, so i assumed it was a puffy fuse. So ns took the adhering to steps:1) I opened up the fuse crate on the dash in between the driver next door and dashboard.2) looked up the fuse chart in the owner manual3) discovered 2 potential candidates - cigarette lighter fuse (25 amp) and also power outlet fuse (20 amp)but as soon as i went to replace those fuses as labeled in the fuse diagram in the yes, really fuse box, those slot were empty! i tried putting them in anyhow, yet no luck, tobacco lighter did no work. I also tried replacing every 20 amp fuse and also 25 amp fuse and none resulted in cigarette lighter currently i am really confused. Has anyone noticed if the 2006 jetta owners manual is not correct in the mappings that fuses in the fuse diagram (pages 77-82)?
Re: is the 2006 Jetta owners manual Fuse chart wrong? (jeff94103)
yes, that is a known issue in this cars that the fuse diagrams don"t show every one of the fuses and are often various from one production period to another. For me, the 12v sockets additionally went kaputt, and it ended up being this fuse: (which btw, is no labeled in my manual)

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Re: is the 2006 Jetta owners hand-operated Fuse diagram wrong? (peachypotpies)
hi peachypotpiesthanks for the reply and the in-depth photo!my jetta have to be indigenous a various production operation (it"s a 06 TDI) since my fuses were various from your photo.thru trial and also error i did figure out i beg your pardon fuse was the 12v cigarette lighter. For anyone experiencing the very same issue, the location on my jetta was-4th heat from top-8th shaft from the left (to the right)
Re: is the 2006 Jetta owners manual Fuse chart wrong? (jeff94103)
1 much more thing.the 12v cigarette lighter is 20 amp. For this reason worst instance scenario, seek out the 20 amp fuses.
Re: is the 2006 Jetta owners hand-operated Fuse diagram wrong? (peachypotpies)
DO you recognize where to obtain an really Diagram of My exact car. The a 2006 VW Jetta worth Edition
Re: is the 2006 Jetta owners hands-on Fuse diagram wrong? (jeff94103)
After Trial and also Error Did your airbag light remain on. Cause thats what mine is doing ns dont acquire it I want it to walk away

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DO you recognize where to get an actual Diagram of My specific car. The a 2006 VW Jetta value Edition

The Bentley posting VW Repair hand-operated should provide an exact listing for your particular model and year. You will need the build date that your vehicle (sticker on motorists door jamb), together fuse layouts have adjusted during the version year on occasion.
Re: is the 2006 Jetta owners hands-on Fuse chart wrong? (JetTurbo)
I had actually the exact same thing happen: all 12v tobacco lighters go out. The fuse diagram in the hands-on was useless and all wrong. Didn"t have any of the fuses right: there were every kinds that fuses existing not in the manual and also lots the spaces empty that the hands-on said must have had fuses. I found the swollen fuse through trial and also error by pulling the end fuse by fuse and looking in ~ them. Ns don"t know just how VW"s manual can be so wrong, might too have offered a chimp top top coke a sharpie and also a empty fuse diagram sheet. Seriously, just don"t encompass it in the manual if friend can"t also come close.

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Yes, that is wrong. Here"s the answer.
After the aggravation i went through trying to figure out why my cigarette lighters wouldn"t work, I thought I"d share the solution and also spare friend the headache. The fuse manual for the Jetta is fully wrong. Ns don"t know what happened there, yet they screwed it up huge time. View where the finger is pointing? the is not the fuse because that the tobacco lighter. In fact, the fuse isn"t even presented in this picture. Execute you view the royal navy 15 amp fuse? You should insert (or replace) the 20 amp yellow fuse in the empty space right next to it. If that doesn"t work, try one much more further to the right. If you"ve to reduce a coin in your cigarette lighter choose I did, it will brief out. It will brief out the cigarette lighter under the radio, in the console, and in the trunk. Ideal of luck.