I have actually an 09 Kia Rio i bought a provided head for. Castle loosened increase both cams and the tensioner . Do you have a diagram so I have the right to reset the cams

All the them usage the 1.6L i4 - the distinction is the tranny. There"s a 4AT or the option of having actually a 5MT. It"s a 1.6L engine and the engine is provided as 1.6 together G4ED Alpha II I4 (petrol) as soon as I inspect Wikipedia.

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The tranny choice doesn"t matter due to the fact that it"s different from the camshaft timing.





Are friend adjusting it as result of a timing belt failure? If so, you might have much more serious worries - Hyundai provides interference engines. If the belt division on an interference engine it typically scores the block, loss the lifters and the top head! However, if the engine no damaged, refer to this video. If the engine is damaged, you can usually resurface the head and piston block, but the lifters room not repairable - they have to be replaced.

In stimulate to settle an interference engine v a blown timing belt, you need to at least get in the cylinder block and check for any kind of piston damages or serious block scoring v a great borescope camera in the sparkplug holes. With significant block scoring and also piston damage, the engine is commonly a lost reason UNLESS you intended to send it out to it is in resurfaced. In some cases if the hit is relatively minor (for both the pistons and block) you will do it lose much more HP climate you would certainly naturally, but it will more than likely be okay to send the end the lifter head for resurfacing and lifter instead of - keep her expectations about how fine it will run realistic if friend find damages on other parts that the engine and also choose to just fix it part of the way. THERE will BE COMPRESSION LOSS, but it’s far better then scrapping the car in many situations with just how much a proper repair will be.

However, plenty of of the pre-2015 Hyundai engines are recognized to burn oil as they age and also this is most likely an oil burner with just how old the is (2009). They are also known come have an ext mechanical worries then later year models. Kia provides Hyundai engines and also transmissions (along with other drivetrain parts) because they room a bulk shareholder.

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due to the fact that these early on Koren dare are well-known to begin wearing out at ~100k mile or so, a re-manufactured engine is your best bet if the damages is too extensive and the price to swap it is much cheaper climate a new car. That gift said, girlfriend will discover resale on Hyundai/Kia car after 5 years is so short it might make more sense to change this and part it out.