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Speed sensors location on the 45RFE / 545RFE transmission
The Input and Output speed Sensors space two-wire magnetic pickup tools that generate AC signals together rotation occurs. They are an installed in the left side of the infection case and are considered primary inputs to the Transmission manage Module (TCM).

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Note:The 42RE transmissions usage a solitary sensor (located ~ above the overdrive equipment case, over the park gear).The 45RFE / 545RFE transmissions use 2 sensors, one input speed sensor and an output speed sensor. Both space the same component number.
Operation:The Input rate Sensor offers information on how rapid the input pillar is rotating. Together the teeth of the entry clutch hub pass by the sensor coil, an AC voltage is generated and also sent come the TCM. The TCM interprets this information as input pillar rpm.The Output speed Sensor generates one AC signal in a similar fashion, despite its coil is excited by rotation of the behind planetary transport lugs. The TCM interprets this information as output column rpm. The TCM compare the input and output speed signals to determine the following:Transmission gear ratioSpeed proportion error detectionCVI calculationThe TCM likewise compares the input rate signal and the engine rate signal to identify the following:Torque converter clutch slippageTorque converter element speed ratioSensor failure:Failure of the transmission Input shaft Speed Sensor and/or the Output pillar Speed Sensors are somewhat typical on early on model WJ grand Cherokees. Diagnostic trouble codes that may be tripped are:P0500 - No automobile speed sensor signalP0720 - Low output SPD Sensor RPM over 15 MPHThe relationship between the Output tower Speed Sensor and also vehicle rate is not within acceptable limits. P0720 - Low output SPD Sensor RPM above 15 MPHOutput obelisk speed is less than 60 rpm with vehicle speed above 15 mph (4-speed auto. Trans. Only).P0721-P0723 - Sensor circuit range, performance, no signalSpeed sensor removal1. Progressive vehicle.2. Location a an ideal fluid catch pan under the transmission.3. Eliminate the wiring connector native the input speed sensor.4. Remove the bolt hold the input rate sensor to the transmission case.5. Eliminate the input speed sensor indigenous the transmission case.Speed sensor installation1. Install the input speed sensor right into the transmission case.2. Download the bolt to host the input speed sensor right into the transmission case. Tighten the bolt to 105 in.lbs. (11.9 N�m).3. Install the wiring connector onto the input rate sensor4. Verify the transmission liquid level. Include fluid together necessary.

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5. Lower vehicle.
WJ rate sensors
Output rate sensor for 42RE transmission(1999-2004)P/N 4800879(supercedes P/N 4412879)List price: $18.35
Input rate sensor for 45RFE / 545RFE transmission(1999-2005)P/N 4799061ABList price: $36.70
Output speed sensor because that 45RFE / 545RFE transmission(1999-2005)P/N 4799061ABList price: $36.70
(Prices noted are because that reference objectives only and may differ by dealer. Parts are not available from this internet site.)Home
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