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DodgeRam 15002002-2010

WILL not FIT: Fitment is no guaranteed for vehicles equipped v upgraded or modification brakes, suspension or journey train.


Item IDSET-DG62-20090-5550-19C
Wheel Size20x9
Wheel Offset19
Bolt Pattern5-139.7
Hub Size77.82
Back Spacing5.75
Center CapsCenter cap included

Chrome Rim: Chrome is a brilliant and also durable end up that, v a little care, can stand the check of time. A standard chrome end up is accomplished in a three action plating process. The very first layer that plating is copper i m sorry adheres to the wheel and also creates a smooth foundation. The 2nd is nickel, giving hardness and durability. The last layer is chrome, which create a bright cosmetic finish.
Standard Wheel vouch - us guarantee this rim versus all manufacturer"s defects because that one complete year. We also carry out a lifetime structural warranty and also a one year guarantee on the finish, giving the wheel has been effectively maintained. Every OE Wheels room TUV, JWL, VIA, SAE or period approved and also guaranteed to be straight and true. Please describe our terms & conditions for finish warranty details.
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Fits Dodge ram 1500 in salt DG62 20x9 Chrome lamb Wheel
TPMS TT-0033 315 MHz Tire pressure Sensor
Chrome Lug Nuts for Cars - set of 20

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Fits lamb Wheels and also Tires Chrome DG62 Dodge ram Rims and also Tires BDA

after ~ bending the passenger side factory wheels avoiding a head top top collision, I want to go ago with the format that ns had and also loved top top the truck. However, every I could find provided were outrageously priced or in stormy shape. I’m an extremely happy v these. Same look but a much far better shine and a “true” wheel not just mock chrome covered like the manufacturing facility take offs. Even the factory centers to the right to store the ram logo. I replaced all four wheels because that the price that 1 ½ brand-new OEM. Flawless transaction and great customer business when ns ordered. Will certainly recommend OE wheels to my friends and family. Give thanks to you so much!