In many cases, a warning irradiate is a potential indication that something is wrong with your vehicle. Indigenous the engine come the fuel device to general maintenance, warning lights can indicate variety of problems. Part are an ext serious than others.

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This article applies to the Jeep Cherokee and also Jeep cool Cherokee (1984-2004).

At some point during the moment you own your vehicle, you"re bound to see at the very least one warning light. It"s necessary to familiarize yourself v the different varieties of warning lights, as this can help you number out even if it is there"s an instant problem, such together a low level that engine oil or a trouble with the braking system, or a much less concerning concern such as low windshield washer fluid. It won"t take lengthy to go over the most critical warning lights, yet doing for this reason will aid you feel an ext at ease when the following one illuminates. Here"s a overview to the various warning lamp to watch because that on your Jeep Cherokee or Jeep grand Cherokee.

Warning Lights

Check Engine Light

The dreaded examine engine light come in numerous forms. For example, it could say "check engine" or "service engine soon." The problem might be anything native a fault the causes poor emissions to a serious problem requiring immediate attention, such as overheating. If a blinking or flashing inspect engine light means you should have the vehicle checked immediately, a secure light implies that you should obtain the vehicle checked out as soon as conveniently possible.

Figure 1. Check engine light.Washer liquid Level Light

The windshield washer level light will illuminate come let you know that the washer liquid level is low. If this is the reason, refilling the container to the suitable level should reason the light to rotate off. However, some Jeep owners have noticed the the irradiate illuminates also when the container is full. The most common cause in this instance is a faulty or grounding level sensor.

Figure 2. Washer liquid level light.Brake Light

If you see your brake warning irradiate illuminate, it may simply average that you"ve left her parking brake engaged. However, if the light stays on also after you"ve exit the parking brake (or if the parking brake was never ever on to start with), there might be an problem such as a brake liquid leak or a loss of pressure in the braking system. It"s an important to uncover and also resolve any potential problems with the braking device as quickly as possible.

Figure 3. Parking brake warning light.Shift Light

That yellow arrowhead seemingly pointing upwards, or advising friend to go straight, is actually an (up)shift arrow. This arrowhead was used on enlarge Jeep models to help promote fuel effectiveness by telling the driver once to change gears. Today, numerous Jeep owners choose to disable the light by removed the matching bulb.

Figure 4. Upshift light.GEN Light

The GEN light is brief for generator. As plenty of owners guess as soon as the light comes on, this could indicate a problem with the alternator or the charging system. The first and most basic step is to make certain that your battery and the associated cables room working properly. If castle are and also the light proceeds to continue to be on, it can be time to change the alternator.

Figure 5. The GEN light frequently signifies a problem with the alternator.Part-Time 4WD Light

Think of her Jeep"s component Time light together a 4WD indicator light. This light will come ~ above whenever you space out the 2WD, such as 4HI or 4LO. It"s regular for this light to come on, and also it"s a helpful reminder to shift out that 4WD when it"s no longer important for extra traction and control. However, there is most likely a trouble within the traction control system if this light remains on when your Jeep is in 2WD.

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Figure 6. The part Time light lets you recognize when you"re out of 2WD.

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