Problem through My 2004 Chevy Malibu classic 2.2L. Mine girlfriends vehicle just began acting funny critical week. It died on she a couple times, thenwould take several tries to acquire it begin up. Eventually we couldn"t get it to start at all. Therefore I confirmed it hadspark. Then checked the fuel pressure. None in ~ all. The relay was buzzing, but couldn"t listen thepump. I confirm all the fuses etc. Therefore I determined to change the pump and filter. After the it started upand ran. Girlfriend visited the store and also it took numerous tries to restart it.

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once she got home itwouldn"t restart again! so I had her bike the key while I checked the fuel pressure again. It had nopressure, then after several an essential cycles, bam full pressure. I additionally should include that the theft irradiate isblinking, and also the door locks periodically lock and unlock by them selves. I beg your pardon is miscellaneous new.Ireally appreciate any type of advice you deserve to give.

Answer:This additionally applies to 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 model years. Sounds prefer you have 2 problems. The buzzing relay could be a negative relay.

But, a common problem is the ignition cylinder and/or the ignition switch. V the buzzing that the relay,i would certainly say every this might be pertained to the ignition switch. A low voltage supply to any kind of of the circuits thatthe switch feeds will give strange electrical conditions. If walk to replace the ignition switch, then alsodo the cylinder in ~ the exact same time. With all points described, sure sounds prefer the ignition switch.P.S. The locks might be concerned the ignition switch problem or no at all.

Chevy Malibu Ignition Switch and Passlock vital Cylinder Replacement and also Theft Re-learn Procedure

First remove the radio faceplate and also radio,now you have the right to remove ignition move lockcylinder (1). Little screwdriver in cylinder accessibility hole withkey in the ON position to depress on releasebutton.


2- Cylinder release button accessibility hole.3- Ignition switch.


4- Passlock Ignition lockcylinder removed.Install brand-new cylinder.Try come start- it no or dies.Leave vital on because that 10-12 minutes, oruntil irradiate goes out.Then revolve off crucial for 10 seconds.Turn key to "on" place for 5 seconds,then rotate to start.


I have actually a 2004 Chevy standard that started having worries with the anti-theft light in April 2010. The went on around 5 months and finallygot to the point of me sitting in my automobile waiting 10 minutes EVERY time I placed the key in the ignition to start it.I got frustrated and leta place put a remote start in. It addressed all mine problems... For four months. Now when I begin my car, as shortly as i put my foot on thebrake the damn thing cuts off however still has power. Whenever it happens, if I shot to usage the an essential to begin it the car won"t even crank.Last night it even shut down while i was steering on a busy street w my 3 kids in the car (luckily i was pull close a stoplight andwasn"t ~ above the highway). It had actually been on with no issues for over 15 min. Ns am a solitary mother and also I"m terrified to drive the only automobile Ihave. Execute you have any ideas as to how I have to proceed? I recognize now the the autostart wasn"t the cure, and it seems favor theignition demands to be replaced all together. It does sound like probably ignition move problem. No thetheft portion, which is in the crucial cylinder(Passlock Sensor),but the switch.

If irradiate is not on will certainly it still effect my car. My vehicle starts and also than stops appropriate away? If the theft / protection light is no on when the automobile stalls, thenit is no a theft mechanism problem.

I bought my 1999 Chevy Malibu from auto Max and also immediately started having difficulties with it not starting (anti-theft light blinking) so they replaced the crucial thinking this to be the problem. Worked for around a month, then began happening again. Lock couldnot discover anything wrong through it when they placed it on their machine. Fast forward and also now my vehicle is no longer carried underwarranty and also to settle it would have cost over $800. As far as I"m involved they have to still cover this problem. Is this a RECALLproblem ~ above Chevy Malibu? I had a friend change the sensor and that worked for while, however now it"s act the same thing whichmakes me think it is a recall problem!!!! No, no a recall. Review all the above post and all thethousands of other write-ups on this subject all over the web.

My automobile had problems beginning then the disconnected th battery. The problem is thathis auto starts yet the defense light is still on and he has no radio or airconditioning. He auto runs an excellent except for the defense problem. Any type of suggestions? I think you have a couple different troubles going ~ above there. The protection light problem can be resulted in by abad ignition cylinder, which consists of the passlock sensor. The body regulate module controls the theftfunctions through the ignition, and also it might be faulty as well. One of two people of these, if replaced would should beprogrammed by a dealership. The radio can be inoperative because of a swollen fuse, or by disconnecting thebattery you could have triggered the theft device on the radio i beg your pardon would require be to reset. You deserve to findmore information about radio password on ours website. The air not working, might be a poor control head, oreven a blown fuse for that.

The advice about the Theft light was really helpful. At exactly 10 minutes, mine lightshut off; then I had the ability to restart mine car.

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 This is a defective component worry with the GM car inquestion. GM to know it and doesn"t care. Every time ithappens, count on security $500 to $600.

Wife auto wouldn"t start replaced passlock and Ignition cylinder haunt had any problem found out every time fight a bump or pot holeit killed the vehicle the automobile would crank yet wouldn"t start try waiting 10 min sometime occupational sometime didn"t wiggle the vital workedsome time and also some didn"t after ~ replacing everything from start to fuel pump placed in brand-new pass lock and also Ignition cylinder will takecare of the problems

Thank you so much! The theft light was on and I couldn"t begin my car! however I didwhat you said and also it worked!!! 2004 Chevy Malibu!

My 1999 malibu has an after industry anti theft thingamabob and also it has actually a tiny switchthat some how determined to gain switched turn off so thank you world for all your coolposts!