Thunderbird 2002-05 electronic Modules Repairs. We have locked various other pages early out to limited work Force.

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​Rebuilt LCMs through 4 year warranty in stock ready to delivery by USPS priority expedited shipping . Price is
 $99.90 to $116.54 with main point exchange & 4 year Warranty. Orders placed after 4 pm Eastern , will certainly be  processed Next organization day.
There is a $100 to $300 main point deposit ,you will receive it back when girlfriend return the Core(your old part). In ~ time of purchase you pay component price to add $100-$300 main point deposit,Total of $199.70-$416.54 (depending on the year that Module)you need to return the main point within 15 days indigenous time you obtained our package,you download our rebuilt module ,and take the old part and location it in the Enclosed self addressedenvelope in the package ,Mail that ,within 15 days, we will certainly credit ago your $100 or an ext ,deposit the same method you paid united state within 
10 days after we receive your old part:(the main point ,must it is in in repairable condition Not water or fire damaged,not shorted manually or Tampered beyound continual repair time).You will get an email from PayPal Notifying you that you received Money ,which is your deposit .You need to return the main point or you will certainly not obtain our 4 years warranty coverage. Part years of productions in particular modules room compatible also if the first digit one number reduced or higher. 
Instruction because that LCM Location, how to remove Light control Module,& installation will certainly be emailed to you as soon as we ship the part.
​For Item that are changed there will it is in 25% tide Fee plus shipping , deducted from your payment and also the remainder will be refunded.
Problem v these LCMs in Lincoln town car
: The TAIL lamp ( mite lights ) goes off, turn signal problem,Battery Drainage,some lamp saty on.or turn off , our finish Rebuilt Light manage Module Lincoln Town auto 2001-2011 will certainly solve any of these difficulties for Good.

You also can send in your very own 2001 come 2011 Lincoln Town vehicle LCM to be rebuilt for only $70 through 4 years Warranty.

 New price for 2001 and up rebuild organization is $70 this price is for typical wear difficulties ,units that space tampered through in attempt to repair may cost an ext or may also be rejected if circuit has damage and is beyound repair.

Please to fill up the work order and ar it in the package with your LCM and also send the by write-up office 2-3 work priority mail,Turn about is 5 business day ,it will be shipped ago to you by expedited,2-3 work priority mail.

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you will get email for the shipping deal with after inspect out.You can pay through Credit Cards,or debit cards,or PayPal. Your payment will be handle by PayPal ,but you execute not need to have PayPal to pay.