Is over there something wrong through your Ford Explorer? by knowing how to check the transmission fluid on your 2003 Ford Explorer, you’ll always be all set to walk! So, let's watch what you can do to obtain your beneficial car earlier on the road.

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Ever due to the fact that Ford introduced the explorer in 1990, many car enthusiasts have actually wanted to own one or include one come their vehicle collections. This brand-new family vehicle became one of the top-selling Ford models. Just like in any type of vehicle, transmission liquid is vital consumables in the automotive system. 

Transmission fluid is the sturdy lubricant that cover each moving component of the Ford vehicle transmission. A absence of transmission fluid can bring about an increased damage on transmission parts, besides making the shifting devices feel rougher. The is recommended to examine the transmission liquid level every time you stop to get a tank of gas. 

One the Ford's finest models is the 2003 Ford Explorer. That is sought-after no only since of its high power and powerful engine, but likewise due to various other luxurious accessories and features included. If your Ford 2003 is experiencing from mild or major transmission fluid problems, and also you don't know exactly how to examine transmission fluid, this post is for you.


Why Does my Ford 2003 have A Transmission liquid Leak?

The factors vary. Exactly how did you determine your auto deals through a transmission liquid leak? have you i found it pools of some funny smelling or funny color oil ~ above the ground where your car have parked?

What cause the transmission fluid to leak room miles of hard, speak driving conditions, transforms in temperature and any other abuses, leading the seals to leak.

Also, the seal's within is consistently rubbing versus the shaft. For this reason it is at risk to wear out over time. The products of gaskets and also seals have the right to wrap, reduce in size or even end up being stiff and also get dry, which at some point results in malformations and cracks.

In order come ensure your car has a infection fluid, it is always best to examine the level of transmission fluid on a regular basis to view a drop over time. The easy means to perform it is every morning before beginning a ride, or in the night after driving. 

How to check Transmission liquid on 2003 Ford Explorer

Checking the transmission fluid of your vehicle can it is in a basic venture, giving you have actually an in-depth knowledge that the entire process as well as possess the ideal tools. But, if friend think the task doesn't fit you well, professional aid is very recommended. 

Before starting, here are the items you will certainly need:

Ignition key

And monitor the methods below:

Method 1

Here's just how to obtain started.

Step 1. Begin the car, open the hood and depress the parking brake.

Step 2. discover the transmission dipstick and also pull the out. The infection dipstick has actually the abbreviation 'trans' or the indigenous 'transmission' written on the handle.

Step 3. completely wipe the fluid off the dipstick. Then, reinsert the in the transmission dipstick into the tube. 

Step 4. Get in the driver's seat of the car and put her foot top top the brake pedal. Push it down as much as possible. Relocate the infection from ark down to Drive. The function is to enable the infection to move in the gear before shifting to the next.

Step 5. get out that the car, pull the end the infection dipstick and also look for the liquid level top top the stick. It should land within the crosshatched area. If that is underneath the crosshatched area, put the funnel in the dipstick tube and then add transmission fluid.

Ensure that the liquid you will certainly be including is the right kind for your vehicle. Protect against mixing varieties of infection fluid.


Method 2

There is one more simple means to inspect the transmission liquid on your 2003 Ford Explorer. You can try this one:

Step 1. Drive your Ford about twenty minutes or so for the infection to gain up to operating temperature.

Step 2. Chock the wheels, collection it impartially and get a ratchet v a t-30 torx bit socket and also a drainpipe pan.

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Step 3. Move gradually under her car. Making use of the drainpipe pan under the transmission, take it the bolt out of the drainpipe plug's facility (do not remove the entire plug, only the part that the torx socket will perfectly fit in).The transmission fluid will proceed to run out if the is overfilled, while it will certainly not drip if the is low. You have the right to say the transmission fluid is adequately fill if the drips the end slowly.

Final Thoughts

Now the you're certain the infection of your automobile is leaking fluid, either since of a consistent measuring that the level the transmission fluid or because of one inspection, you can start resolving the trouble yourself or acquire the aid of a much more experienced mechanic come ensure your hard-earned investment will be saved. 

Knowing how to check the transmission liquid on a 2003 Ford explorer doesn't need to be a daunting task. V these steps, you deserve to have it tested without questioning the assist of a professional, conserving you much more money in the lengthy run! 

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