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I"ve to be renovating mine Mitsubishi 04 for rather a time now engine infection alternator starter water pump seals and also other currently I"ve come across a difficulty I can"t it seems ~ to uncover all fuel filters and also fuel pump to my Mitsubishi require some aid if anyone can offer some advice on how to get to fuel filters and also fuel pump.
Make certain gas tank is almost empty, remove bottom of behind seat and there will be an accessibility hatch. I uncovered this video which is specifically for an development upgrading the pump, but it does present the measures to acquire to the pump and filter which would certainly be the same for a base lancer together well.

Audio: JVC KD-ABT22 / JL sub+speakers / Sound deadeningEngine: WR-SRI / RRM 25% UDP / 6G75 TBOther: RA Mudflaps

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