Your key fob enables you to obtain access to your vehicle through the click of a button. Here"s how to routine your crucial fob this day.

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This post applies to the Jeep Grand also Cherokee (1999-2004).

The crucial fob to your Jeep Grand also Cherokee enables you to get quicker and immediate entry to, and also lock, your auto with just the quick click of a button. Your crucial fob have the right to also be provided to signal an emergency, should you come to be panicked and also require instant assistance. If you"ve simply purchased a new key fob, you"ll should regimen it if it hasn"t been programmed already. The process is basic. This overview will certainly define the 2 straightforward methods you deserve to usage to regimen your essential fob in a matter of minutes.

Step 1 – Percreate strategy "A"

Press the "lock" button 5 times, enabling no even more than two secs to lapse in between each time you push the switch.Turn on your ignition.Press and also organize the "unlock" button for up to 10 seconds. Before this 10 second period ends, push and also hold the "panic" button for 1 second.Release the "unlock" and also "panic" buttons.Listen for a chime sound, which need to resonate within three seconds of releasing the two previous butloads.Press and also release the "lock" and "unlock" butlots concurrently.Press and release any switch of your choosing, and then wait for the sound of a quick chime to occur.The programming is currently finish, and you are all set to start making use of your transmitter.Turn your ignition off.
Figure 1. Your key fob permits you to get accessibility to your car doors.
Pro Tip

Before obtaining started, it"s recommfinished that you put a fresh battery inside your crucial fob to encertain the key fob is able to both receive and also emit a solid signal.

Step 2 – Perform strategy "B"

Press and release the "lock" button in two-second intervals. Do this five times.Turn the ignition on.Press and also host the "unlock" switch for as much as 10 secs.Hold the "unlock" switch, while pushing the "panic" switch. Listen for the sound of a chime, which must sound within three secs.Complete the process by programming a button right into the device. Listen for the sound of one more chime.Exit the programming mode by turning the ignition off.

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Step 3 – Visit neighborhood Jeep dealer

Make an appointment to have actually your neighborhood Jeep dealer regimen your crucial fob, if you are unable to complete the programming procedure on your very own. At about $150-$300 (depending upon if you need a new key fob or just programming), the expense for your regional Jeep dealer to regimen your vital fob is high. If you execute go this course, it"s recommfinished that you make an appointment for faster service.