below is the engine spark plug shoot order. Check the end the diagrams (Below). Please let us recognize if you require anything rather to obtain the trouble fixed. Cheers


My friend did a track up on my car and also now it wont start. Ns went out and moved a couple wires around and it started up however ran rough. And also could smell my screaming dreaming coil fill start come burn. So i am persuaded that it is the wires in the wrong order. And hopefully the hasn't messed up my coil pack.

good evening, deserve to you article a photo of what you watch at the coil? shoot order. 1-4-2-5-3-6Check the end the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us recognize if you need anything rather to acquire the problem fixed.


The firing bespeak is 1-4-2-5-3-6. The ideal hand chart is the 3.8s cylinder layout as viewed from the former of the vehicle. The reduced block is the ignition coil layout because that the wires. Hope the helps.
ns attached the cylinder layout and coil pack. The shoot order because that this engine is 1-4-2-5-3-6Let us know if girlfriend need more info. Thanks
just how do I execute the wiring on the coil load for the timing? ns misplaced mine wires when transforming the plugs.
Hi, No problem.I enclosed pics below. The an initial one mirrors the shooting order and cylinder location. Pic 2 shows the coil and which connector goes to which cylinder. Pic 3 is a general overview of instead of the wires.Let me know if this helps or if you have actually other questions.Take care, Joe
I readjusted my spark plugs and also my wires. Law one in ~ time come insure i did no mess increase the shoot order. No mine car earlier fires and shakes alot. What have I excellent wrong?
examine all the plugs room tightened effectively .. Double check they are in the exactly order this diagram is that a 3.8L


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I readjusted The Points, Wires, Plugs and Coil. Ran Fine until I to wash The Engine Down. Currently It no Start. No Spark at All.

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