Topping the 400-cc big-bore powerhouses of the day, the Polaris Scrambler 500 screams compact performance. Its an effective engine could ride over logs and rocks, and sprint under sandy trails. Its top-caliber an innovation and high throughput is no stranger to both the casual driver and discerning speedster that enjoy too much fun with this vehicle.

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Set to conquer the many unwelcoming terrain, the Polaris Scrambler 500 was a crossover between sport and utility all-terrain vehicles presented in 1997. It allowed riders fun explorations in the wild while taking on the most complicated of out tasks.

The Polaris Scrambler 500 is taken into consideration one of the best quads Polaris has ever before made. However despite this reputation, it has remained unmodified with tiny to no development over the years due to the fact that its inception. Has the Scrambler to be left behind by competition? find out the answer come this, and more, in this article.

About Polaris Scrambler 500

The Polaris Scrambler originally came out as a sport-oriented, 400-cc, two-stroke ATV and nearly immediately ended up being a enormous hit with the general public in 1995. The Scrambler was a response to the consumers’ need for adaptability of four-wheel drive that utility equipments offered, together there were a growing number of riders in the ’90s that were buying utility vehicles but weren’t necessarily using them for work. 2 years later, Polaris released its second sport 4×4 machine, the Polaris Scrambler 500, which ended up being one the the more quickly four-strokes obtainable at the time.

Many years later, the Scrambler 400 acquired phased out because of stringent emissions standards. Then on might 3, 2005, 14,882 linked units of the 2005 Polaris Scrambler 500 and also some 2004 and 2005 Sportsman models were recalled as result of possibly defective Electronic regulate Modules (ECM). Polaris Inc. Voluntarily walk a product recall come prevent accidents that could an outcome in dig injury or death associated with the faulty, overheating ECM. Despite this recall, the Polaris Scrambler 500 was still embraced by the media and loved by consumers during its time. The remained part of Polaris’ lineup from 1997 till 2011, and also its aftermarket and OEM parts still acquire manufactured today.



The Polaris Scrambler 500 come equipped v a powerplant constructed for follow fun and also Carlisle tires the ride fine in many conditions. It has actually an engine the readily pertains to life v a little of aid from the choking (for cold starts) and also a twist of the vital and is paired v a CVT transmission providing forward, reverse, and neutral. That is On-Demand AWD mode makes it straightforward to overcome water feet on the trails even if lock are almost up to the seat. Over there is likewise a drainpipe plug to save your CVT belt dried if the entry cannot take care of it.

Controls ~ above the Scrambler are basic to use v the headlight switches, ignition, and single brake lever found on the left handlebar. On the best handlebar finish is the over-sized thumb throttle, and the 4WD/2WD button. Complete floorboards with a footpeg molded into the plastic securely anchor her foot. Engine braking is noticeable but an extremely controllable as soon as gliding into corners or downhills. Height all this v a very sporty look, and also a plush seat that guarantees comfort for day-long trail rides.

Another far-reaching plus is the maintenance jobs are basic as pie on the Polaris Scrambler 500 4×4. Because that one, the document air filter conveniently detaches together it is simply right under the seat, and a nylon filter skin keeps that from clogging. Oil filter access is also strategically inserted on the left next of the engine, and also a good-sized oil fill hole makes oil alters a breeze. Plus, several online retailers and dealers sell Polaris Scrambler 500 components for her inside other garage modifications.


Like other utility ATVs, the Polaris Scrambler 500 does have its drawbacks too. One is the transmission which walk not function a low functioning gear. The takes the CVT a minute or two to capture up as soon as you cracked the throttle open and also makes the motor feel a small sluggish. Many owners blame this setback to the quad’s outdated CVT transmission more than to its engine.

Design flaws are also noticeable and left uncorrected with much more recent year models that the Scrambler. Among these is the absence of racks top top either end of the bodywork for hauling gear, back you deserve to purchase accessory racks for utility work purposes.

Another is that is seating position, i m sorry is favor nothing else. Its big seat pairs v old-school handlebars do not enable the driver to be in a more aggressive stance, and its seating ergonomics is an extremely much comparable to that of a snowmobile.

Setting the idle limit also high makes shifting an extremely notchy and also going earlier to a reduced idling selection quite problematic. Its share wheels are additionally an issue. The rims space so butter-soft, castle can nearly be deformed by kicking the tires and are not that long lasting for riding on rocks. Tires room prone come cuts. The braking mechanism doesn’t afford professional riders that extra level of control listed by separate front and also rear brakes despite helping slow-moving the maker on steep declines.

Polaris Scrambler 500 vs. Yamaha Wolverine 450

During the time, human being often compared the Scrambler 500 to the Yamaha Wolverine 350. Later on on, the Yamaha progressed into a Wolverine 450, however this was compared an ext to a Scrambler 850 than a Scrambler 500.

Common Questions

Is the Polaris Scrambler 500 automatic?The Scrambler has a continuously Variable transmission (CVT), i beg your pardon is not quite the exact same as automatically transmission. An automatic infection connects to the engine via a hydraulic talk converter the helps to shift the equipment lever there is no driver intervention; a CVT counts on a pulley and belt device that allows it to provide infinite number of ratios.Is the Polaris Scrambler 500 a 2 or 4 stroke?The 400-cc variation of the Polaris Scrambler to be a two-stroke machine, yet the Polaris Scrambler 500 and 500 4×4 have actually four-stroke engines.Is the Polaris Scrambler 4×4?“4×4” in a 4WD vehicle means four wheels total and also four wheels provided to drive. Utility quads are typically 4×4. No to mention that the Scrambler has actually the On-Demand™ True AWD/2WD drive System. For this reason by definition, the is 4×4.

About Polaris

Polaris Inc. Was previously known as Polaris Industries and also is the machine of Polaris Scrambler 500. The firm is world-renowned for its production of top-end snowmobiles, motorcycles, and also utility vehicles. Your vision “to fuel the enthusiasm of riders, workers, and outdoor enthusiasts about the world” continues to reflect their products and services.

Conclusion – Polaris Scrambler 500

Whether you an elaborate a quick race through your friends along wooded trails or need a mule the will assist you lug loads across open grounds, the Polaris Scrambler 500 is sure to prize to your whim.

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As a pioneer of sport-utility ATVs, the did no fail. As a sport-oriented machine, that still has room for improvement. The Scrambler 500 resides up to its promise of trail fun and also reliable performance. But we deserve to only hope the its design and also functionality keep abreast the its plan purpose.