Adding transmission liquid to a Ford car have the right to be done once the transmission fluid level is low or after the fluid has actually been drained from the auto. A Ford vehicle can come through a transmission that is standard or automatic. The transmission fluid requirements to be flushed or changed simply favor the motor oil. This indicates that you will certainly need to have actually the correct type of transmission fluid Ford car your Ford car.

Under The Hood:

How to Add Transmission Fluid to 5-Speed F-150

Pull the hood release that is under the dash on the driver"s side of the automobile.

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Set the assistance bar to save the hood open up.

Locate the dip stick for the transmission liquid reservoir that is at the rear of the engine.

Pull out the dip stick and also wipe it off through a rag. Look on the dip stick to watch if the type of transmission liquid to include is stamped everywhere.

Insert a funnel right into the transmission fluid dip stick tube.

Pour the transmission fluid into the funnel to fill the reservoir.

Remove the funnel and also insert the dip stick to inspect the liquid level.

Stop adding transmission liquid when the complete line on the dip stick has been reached.

Replace the dip stick and also then cshed the hood to complete the task.

Items you will certainly need


Transmission fluid


How execute I Add Transmission Fluid to a 2001 Ford F150 Automatic?

Drive your truck at least 20 miles to warmth up the transmission liquid to obtain an accurate analysis. Place the transmission in “PARK” and leave the engine running. Set the parking brake.

Open the hood. Locate the automatic transmission dipstick at the rear of the engine bay on the passenger side. Pull the dipstick from the dipstick tube. Wipe the finish of the dipstick clean through a rag. Push the dipstick earlier into the tube till it is completely seated. Remove the dipstick and observe the transmission liquid level. Check the markings at the finish of the dipstick to determine exactly how much liquid is required. Wipe the dipstick clean and also place it aside.

Place a funnel designed for including transmission fluid into the dipstick tube wbelow the dipstick was rerelocated. Make certain the finish of the funnel is totally seated in the tube prior to including liquid.

Add Motorcraft MERCON V automatic transmission fluid (or equivalent) right into the funnel in ½ pint increments. Rerelocate the funnel and insert the dipstick. Remove the dipstick and check the transmission liquid level. Continue this procedure until the transmission fluid is at the full note. Do not overfill the transmission or it can be damaged.

Remove the funnel and also replace the dipstick. Cshed the hood.

Items you will certainly need


Automatic transmission liquid, as needed

How to Add Transmission Fluid to a 1999 Taurus

Park the vehicle on level ground. Allow your engine to run for 10 minutes.

Open the hood.

Pull the dipstick out of the fluid well, situated right beneath the engine. Wipe it clean via a rag or paper towel.

Stick the dipstick earlier right into the fluid well. Let it sit in the well for 15 seconds. Pull it back out. Read the results. If the liquid level is between the two lines on the dipstick, no activity is required. If even more fluid is required, continue to Step 5.

Place the funnel at the tip of the fluid well. Pour in a portion of transmission fluid. Check the liquid level on the dipstick aget. Continue to add transmission fluid until the liquid level registers in between the 2 lines on the dipstick.

Items you will need

Mechanic towels or paper towels

A auto funnel

How to Add Transmission Fluid to a 2002 F150 Automatic

Drive the truck about 20 miles, then park it on a level surface. Set the parking brake. Depush the brake pedal, then relocate the geartransition into each equipment subsequently. Placed the geartransition into "Park." Leave the engine running.

Open the hood and locate the transmission dipstick on the passenger"s side of the engine compartment either to the appropriate of the battery or forward of the firewall.

Grasp the dipstick and also pull it out of the dipstick tube. Wipe the dipstick through a clean rag, then re-insert it right into the tube. Press the dipstick right into the tube till it is totally seated, then pull the stick out aobtain.

Observe the finish of the dipstick and also note the level of liquid in the transmission. Add transmission fluid just if the level shows it is low. The "Add" mark is either composed on the stick or it is designated by the small hole in the stick closest to the pointer.

Insert the end of the funnel right into the dipstick tube. Add 1/2 pint of transmission liquid. Remove the funnel from the dipstick tube.

Depush the brake pedal, then move the geartransition right into each gear consequently. Put the gearchange into "Park." Leave the engine running. Reinspect the liquid level with the dipstick.

Repeat Steps 3 with 6 until the fluid level is above the "Add" mark on the dipstick.

Items you will need

Clean rag

Transmission funnel

Mercon or Mercon V automatic transmission liquid (ATF)

How to Add Transmission Fluid on the Expedition

Park the car on a level surconfront and put on the parking brake.

Place your foot on the brake (parking brake have to still be engaged) and also start the engine.

Move gearshift via all the gears, enabling time for each equipment to connect.

Place geartransition in park, and also leave the engine running.

Remove the dipstick from the transmission filler tube. Refer to the "Identifying Components in the Engine Compartment" section in the "Maintenance and also Specifications" chapter of your Expedition"s owner"s overview to find the dipstick.

Wipe the dipstick clean making use of a clean, dry, lint-complimentary rag.

Replace the dipstick ago in the filler tube, and also push it in totally.

Rerelocate the dipstick aget, and also check out the liquid level. The fluid level have to be in the designated area significant "hot" on the dipstick if the auto is at normal operating temperature. If the vehicle is not at normal operating temperature, the liquid level should review in the area marked "ambient." If the liquid level is low (shown by the "add" area of the dipstick), perform not drive the auto.

Refer to the "Lubricant Specifications" area of the "Maintenance and Specification" chapter of your owner"s overview to recognize the correct form of fluid to include to the transmission. The correct type of fluid might additionally be suggested on the vehicle"s dipstick.

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Add liquid in 1-cup increments via the filler tube, using the measuring cup and also funnel, until the fluid level is correct.