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My 2001 24V Quadcab is supposedly equipped with a 35 gallon tank.I"ve never put more than 31 gallons in it and also the trip computer can sayZERO miles till empty. I know that lock would build in a small roomfor error, however 4 gallons?
2001.5 Quad 4x4 5.9 24V waiting Dog, Pyro,Tran,EGT, rise Isspro. BHAF,4"TB,Super B,DynomiteDiesel 75s:flag:

My pilgrimage crap has never really operated worth a darn. The miles every gallon were around 4-5 off every tank. Its just an estimate. The just thing I use is the expedition milage for remembering when to adjust the oil. If your speedo is turn off at all it effects the computers averages also.
02, 2500, QC LB, 6 Speed, Leveling Kit, 315/75R16E Fierce perspective M/T, Juice w/Attitude Unlocked, Fass 95, AFE, 4" straight Pipe, Steering crate Stabalizer, Silencing Ring MIA!!

Smokin 02, does your 4 in exhaust sound better? ns hear some 5.9s that sound awesomebut ns dont recognize what mode they have.
2001.5 Quad 4x4 5.9 24V air Dog, Pyro,Tran,EGT, an increase Isspro. BHAF,4"TB,Super B,DynomiteDiesel 75s:flag:

It sound awesome that is an extremely loud through the windows down!!! i am thinking about doing the 5 inch from the down pipe earlier to obtain a little deeper tone. It will certainly quiet it under a little. That is night a day various than stock or also when I had the 4 customs hi circulation muffler ~ above it. I did the AFE wait intake an initial then did the 4" and also then the rest of the mods. Sound adjusted a tiny bit once I included the Juice it cackles at complete throttle and also high boost.:thumbsup:
02, 2500, QC LB, 6 Speed, Leveling Kit, 315/75R16E Fierce attitude M/T, Juice w/Attitude Unlocked, Fass 95, AFE, 4" directly Pipe, Steering crate Stabalizer, Silencing Ring MIA!!

When your truck access time Empty friend still have 5 gallons the fuel left in the tank. I pulled my bed off yesterday to change the basket in the tank and my fuel gauge was reading Empty but there was a great 3 inches of fuel in the bottom.
02 2500 Ext. Cab, lengthy bed, 4x4, 4" Turbo Back, BHAF, Airdog 100, brand-new vp44, Quadzilla Adrenaline with Pulse v2
yea, friend will have actually fuel left, as long as you don"t have actually an intank pump, ns think the is some reducilious variety of gallons.either means you are correct.
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It is ridiculous - I"ve operation 50 miles w/ the short fuel light on and also still just put in 29.5 gallons. Most I"ve ever put in.
"99 2500 nv4500 QC LB 4WD - 368hp/728tq.Back come stock currently - PSC PS pump, Borgeson box, steering brace, Exhaust brake, Southbend clutch
My short fuel light come on as soon as I have 8 gallons left. My concern is: What is the least amount of fuel you have the right to have in the tank through the stock pickup and also still gain fuel come the engine?
2001.5 lamb 2500 Quad Cab, HO, 6 speed, 4.10"s, RV275 injectors, Quadzilla XZT+, AFE 4" Exhaust, ISSPRO Gauges (EGT, FP, Boost), k&n Air Filter, Raptor 100 Fuel Pump, 1/2" line with AN fittings to the fuel filter, 6AN fittings fuel filter to pump.
My short fuel light comes on as soon as I have actually 8 gallons left. My concern is: What is the the very least amount the fuel you deserve to have in the tank through the stock pickup and also still obtain fuel come the engine?
well... I have put in 33 gallons reason I to be cutting it kinda close around 2-3 gallons left friend will an alert the loss of power I would certainly not recommend it.

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Just a side note i obtained 4 customs dp and 5 inch all the method back come 6 customs tip and also i acquire compliments on mine truck every the time. People constantly tell me the my truck has the standard deep throaty cummins sound that everyone is spring for. Doesn"t drone too bad either. I heard the 5" helps v it.
2001 2500 ext cab brief bed 4X4, 2" level kit, s&b intake, 4" under pipe ,5" exhaust, Fass 150, Silencer Ring MIA, Gauges (Boost,EGT,Trans Temp,Fuel Pres), sheet Juice, Recon Billet Triple bowl TC, Transgo change Kit, 125 HP Injectors