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I"ve got an "02 CC R/T & when I have the blower switch on high everything works fine! But if I lower it to any of the lower speed settings it simply turns off - both the blower & A/C light as if I just turned it off. Any ideas other than the blower switch in the dash is bad??Thanks in advance!!!!Chris
Gotchya! Def could be it but ya think so even with it shutting off all the cotrols like u can"t even change blower position or if A/C is on or off?? - if a/c light is on & u lower blower speed that light turns off....Ill look into the resistor in the mean time,Thanks!

My truck did the same thing like 2 days after I bought it. I only had the high speed and nothing else. I brought it back and they replaced the blower resistor. If your a hand on kind of person and can do it yourself, which it is pretty easy as I have changed one in a Toyota Camry, it will cost you about $20 and 30 mins. so it would be a great place to start at least
If the ac light is also turning off then it sounds like it is time for a control head. If it was just the blower resistor then the ac light would still be illuminated.

on the 04 Dakota its stupid easy to change, and it cost me less than $ fact i found the busted one that i still have from our "04 Dakota last weekendfor something so cheap and easy it wouldn"t hurt to start there...

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On my "02 it"s located under the glove box, right by the blower motor, look for about a 5 wire flat plug. It"s any easy five minute fix, and the resistor has been changed up by Dodge to a new electronic one. Here in Canada you can get it from the dealer for about $13.00.
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Replaced resistor today, all good now... Think its been goin nad cause now blower is much louder/more airflow on all speeds.... Thx guys
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