Finding the correct transmission liquid for your car, truck or SUV can sometimes be confusing. Luckily for us, the 4l60e is together a common transmission the it’s virtually too easy to find the appropriate transmission fluid. Below are a perform of typical 4l60e transmission fluid questions and also answers to assist guide you in the best direction as far as fluid type, maintenance, and also more. 

The recommeded transmission liquid for the GM 4l60e is Dexron 3 / Dexron 6 / Dex Merc.

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Since its release in 1993, Dexron 3 (Dex III) to be the recommended transmission liquid for the 4l60e. Overtime however, Dex III to be phased out and also GM released Dex vi in 2005. If Dex 6 is design for newer vehicles and also transmissions, the is backwards compatable v Dexron III transmission fluid.

NOTE: Dexron III can not be used with transmissions that require Dexron VI.

Eventually, Dexron 3 was combined with Mercon and also became Dex/Merc, i beg your pardon is the contemporary recommeded transmission fluid for 4l60e transmissions.

The liquid capacity the the 4L60e is 12 quarts of transmission liquid (dry). This amount is based on a stock, “shallow” infection pan with a 12″ talk converter. V a deep pan, the capacity of additional fluid deserve to vary native an extra quart or more.

Flushing a transmission, also the 4L60e is a sensitive subject. Finest practice is to do a fluid flush on your 4l60e as long as that has actually been regimen maintenance. If not, climate a straightforward fluid and also filter change would suffice.

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As we’ve currently pointed out, the ideal transmission liquid for 4l60e transmissions is any type of high top quality Dexron 3 or Dexron 6.

We often get request how often should I service or readjust the liquid in mine 4l60e? Often, everywhere from 30-50,000 miles is acceptable, depending upon usage. If your automobile only sees highway miles, then you deserve to wait to readjust your liquid when you space at the greater end of the spectrum.

If you see a most stop and go traffic, tow, or race, you should definitely replace the liquid in your 4l60e every 30,000 miles. If your liquid is dark and or has actually a burning smell to it, then it is past due, and also you may have actually bigger difficulties on your hands. 






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