The 2002 – 2006 generation the Toyota Camry cars was once had actually the problem of the A/C irradiate flashing and would not enable cool waiting to get in the cabin. You would see the A/C switch flashing and know there to be a problem.

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Two different and distinct cooling networks go through your vehicle’s engine block. Among those channels is because that the engine oil if the various other is for the coolant. These aid cool the engine and also keep it from overheating.

Even if the engine is cool, you might not be able to get cool AC due to the fact that of various other issues. The worry that we are going come look in ~ is the AC compressor clutch. If the fuse because that the clutch is not working, it needs to it is in replaced.

Try instead of the Relay

It is feasible to settle this AC problem. You"ll have to look because that the relay (which is bigger than a fuse). The video clip below has actually some details of what to look for. If you desire to save money carry out it yourself, here"s a list of procedures you deserve to follow:

Turn off your car and also open increase the fuse box, i m sorry is mostly located top top the best side of your battery.Find the relay situated as shone in the video clip or top top the back of the fuse box named MG CLT.After replacing the relay through a brand-new one or the horn relay, begin the car and check to watch that the AC compressor clutch is working and the AC light is solid.Make certain to placed the automobile horn relay back if used.

There space two points to note:

Replacing the cabin air filter might be a an excellent idea due to the fact that your working on your air condition. This will make certain your acquiring clean air to the cabin, for this reason you have the right to breath easy.You"ll uncover the AC cabin filter in the earlier of the gloves box. Simply replace that the correct direction for cleaner air and possibly much better air flow.

Try in search of other Issues

2002 Camry A/C irradiate flashes if the belt is slipping or the compressor is no turning properly. Another feasible reason is that speed sensor the the compressor go not complement the rate of the engine.

Check that the belt is not loosened or slipping. If the belt is loose, the belt tensioner can be adjusted but this need to be excellent by a mechanic to prevent producing other problems. Look for wear and also cracking ~ above the belt. This means the belt will requirements to be replaced, which must be relatively easy to perform it yourself.

To check thatthe relayis the problem you can try putting the clutch relay where the horn relay was. Try the horn. If the horn works, her relay is probably fine and the AC compressor may have an electric or mechanical issue.

If your Camry 2002 still has a flashing A/C light without any cold air, settle it by adhering to this.

Look at the wires associated to the AC compressor. If the connector are loose tighten them. Additionally look for leaks in the compressor and also AC system, and listening for weird sounds.

The video clip describes hitting the relay hard but I would recommend getting a brand-new relay due to the fact that they are easy to get.

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Before trying come displaying these codes on your car, right here is some information around the codes.

The heater regulate panel of AC has actually an ECU i m sorry keeps the codes and monitors the circuit system. The ECU has a memory of all the password in case of any type of problem, yet it doesn’t have a memory of password number 22 and 23. To gain stored codes check out for the retrieving code. All these codes screen on the temperature screen panel.

If an error code, you might need to examine out the problem, specifically if it has anything to execute with the coolant or evaporator, because these have the right to cause more serious problems with her car. The display screen will sluggish down by one step each time you press the button. If you hear a tone every time the code displays this might mean the problem is proceeding to persist.

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Below is the list of every the error password which can aid you diagnose her car"s problem:

Code number (00) says normallyCode number (11) inside automobile temperature​Code number (12) approximately temperature​Code number (21) solar sensor​Code number (22) compression lock​Code number (23) push switch​Code number (31) wait mix position​Code number (32) air inlet​Code number (33) air outlet​Code number (41) waiting mix servomotor​Code number (42) waiting inlet servomotorCode number (43) air outlet servomotor


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