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Hey,Having some trouble figuring out whereby the crankshaft position sensor is on a 2003 3.3. Definitely NOT camshaft sensor. I saw a walkthrough top top a 2nd gen that placed it close to the passenger side wheel. Doubt it"s the same on 1st gens, yet figured I"d reach out to the smarties here. =)

Good luck. If it"s anything choose the other obstacles on this engine (knock sensor, #6 plug) it"s more than likely a bear to get to.Are you gaining a code, or no-start condition?

Har har..yeah, you"re not kidding.I"m getting P0335 and P1336 through no physical symptoms (driving normally, start fine).

Cam position sensor is within the distributor. Crankshaft place sensor is ~ above the infection bellhousing, near the top, a little on the driver"s side. You can see that from underneath or through the driver"s front wheelhouse v the wheel removed. It"s a pain to adjust from either place. Should have a small heat shield extending it and also held down with a 6Mx1.0 bolt v a 10MM head.
Retired (2003), 16-year, previous Nissan/ASE grasp Tech. Administrator at and also Moderator in ~ Registered member the and 2003 Nissan Frontier SVE 4x4 King Cab, VG33ER, AT. Also, 2006 Pathfinder LE AWD and 2008 Pathfinder SE 4x4.
Try not to rest the connector obtaining it off. If girlfriend can, push the connector forward, then depress the release tab and pull the connector back. The connectors get brittle because of age and heat and also then dust can gain trapped in them, together well.
Retired (2003), 16-year, former Nissan/ASE grasp Tech. Administrator at and Moderator at Registered member of and also 2003 Nissan Frontier SVE 4x4 King Cab, VG33ER, AT. Also, 2006 Pathfinder LE AWD and also 2008 Pathfinder SE 4x4.

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Welp, an excellent news: we found it. Bad news: through no shortage the ratchet extensions and wrenches can we gain the appropriate angle to gain the bolt off. XD
Welp, great news: we uncovered it. Negative news: through no shortage of ratchet extensions and also wrenches can we acquire the right angle to acquire the bolt off. XD
Something"s hard to accessibility on the VG33? say it isn"t so!Can you article a pic? possibly someone deserve to come up v a clever method to eliminate it, short of having actually to take it the cab off the frame ?.
Hahaha. I can take a pic for others future reference, but between my boyfriend"s tenacity and also my little hands, we got it out. Thanks, men (and bless all you capable, competent guys out there). Because that future reference:The Crankshaft position sensor is indeed in between the engine and also tranny, nearer to the driver"s side. Here"s a diagram:, you have the right to take the driver"s wheel off and also pull the end the rubber cover wheel well to view it better. Best access came for us underneath the truck. If you"ve got a small arm, you have the right to go in in between the tranny and also the former driveshaft to unloosen the bolt that holds that in. The is a 10mm head. We loosened the connector v a lengthy screwdriver through the wheel well, got the bolt on and also off with a little wrench and also a very sore arm, and re-connected the sensor making use of a cloak hanger. Dropping the tranny can be the easiest means to accessibility it. Native the wheel well, look whereby the driver is stuck in -