P0308 is a fairly common problem code through the Lincoln city Car. It’s and also OBD2 code and method that a misfire has been detected in the 8 hours cylinder in the shoot order. You should only be seeing this password if you have an engine v at the very least 8 cylinders. So, it’s mostly a code for V8+ engines. P0308 is commonly caused by poor spark plugs, plug wires, or coil packs.

P0308 is commonly caused by poor spark plugs, plug wires, or coil packs


This password is definitely a reason for concern, and also should be taken into consideration a threat to the drivability your town Car. The quite thing about P0308 is that it’s a cylinder certain trouble code, which renders diagnosing the difficulties much more simple than something likeP0300, which way that the cylinders room randomly misfiring.

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It will frequently be add by password P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0307, etc…. These specific codes show that over there is a misfire in cylinder one, two, three, four, and also seven respectively.

Fixing P0308 have to be considered a high priority. Unequal a the majority of the OBDII codes, this code has to do directly with engine combustion. It likewise can cost money to neglect it, due to the fact that driving through a misfire can damages the town Car’s catalytic converter. The engine is likewise not firing all of the fuel, so life fuel is likewise passing through cylinder eight into the exhaust. Mileage may suffer too when her Town automobile has P0308 together well.

Lincoln Town car P0308 Definition

P0308 is a cylinder details misfire code, which means that cylinder 8 is misfiring and also causing it. Vital thing to understand when finding the place of cylinder 8 is that it’s going to be the eighth cylinder in the firing order.

Town auto P0308 OBDII code Symptoms


The P0308 trouble code will create the city Car’s service engine shortly light. The automobile itself may start to run rough. It relies on just how serious the misfire is. The automobile may create excess vibration, specifically at reduced RPM. Fuel mileage might suffer. You might smell life gas coming from the tailpipe. The Town car may backfire.

P0308 Trouble code Diagnosis- Lincoln town Car

There are rather a few things that can reason the P0308 trouble password to cause the Lincoln town Car. Right here are the most usual problems that may cause it. They space presented rather in bespeak from many to least likely come be leading to the code:

Cam or Crank Sensors– This one is an extremely unlikely, however it go happen. If the ECU is not gaining the ideal signal from this sensors, the vehicles time is no going to sync up and also it’ll misfire. Low Compression– If you have a leaking head gasket, bending valve, cracked head, etc.. That would cause compression to no be as high together it should, you’re going to obtain P0308. You should likewise feel the car is down on strength as well.

Most common P0308 Fixes

If you monitor the items provided above friend should be able to fix the P0308. Here’s how to go around it:

Inspect and also test the components of the ignition system approximately the cylinder to identify whether or no you should replace the coil packs, plugs, or wires. Most of the time one of those three points will end up being the problem.

You need to reset the problem codes and also swap the coil pack, wire, and plug indigenous cylinder 8 to one more cylinder. If you acquire a different P030X code, you’ll recognize that among those three components is bad, since by relocating those components you have changed which cylinder the trouble code has actually registered in. After ~ that, go ahead and replace castle or have actually them tested. It’s one easy, and also cheap an approach of identify if her ignition components have gone bad.

After that you would desire to check the fuel injection system. There room links above that’ll present you how to do that. If that doesn’t work, it might be time to execute a compression test and see if you have actually a leak in the eighth cylinder.

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Conclusion: P0308 city Car

P0308 is cause for concern and left unfixed have the right to leave friend stranded or do the car virtually un-drivable. Resolving the problem causing the code to fire have the right to save friend time and also money and also keep your Lincoln Town vehicle from break down. Quick action may also save her catalytic converter native going bad. Great luck diagnosing the issue. If over there is anything the you would prefer to add please leaving a comment below.