Jeep Cherokees are deserve to be pretty quite cars that look like sleek SUVs ~ above the outside, however can manage quite a little from the inside. The sturdiness the a Jeep Cherokee have the right to tow a camper typically without problems, however it does have actually its boundaries when it involves towing capacity.

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A Jeep Cherokee have the right to tow anywhere in between 2,000-5,000 pounds. This consists of pop-up trailers, hybrid trailers, Airstreams, and Teardrop trailers.

There’s a lot that a Jeep Cherokee can handle when towing. Permit me to share with you some much more information.

What is maximum Towing Capacity

Maximum towing volume is just the weight border that any kind of given auto can handle. Because that Jeep Cherokees, this number is 2,000-5,000 pounds, therefore they have the right to actually manage quite a little bit of load if you desire to tow among the smaller campers.

One thing to keep in mind about the towing volume is the the load you’ll be towing has not just the base load of the camper but likewise the weight of all the is within of the camper.

However, there are some methods that you deserve to increase the towing volume by getting just a couple of upgrades for her Jeep Cherokee, yet we’ll get into the later.

Something to store in mind, though, is the the towing capacity for your Jeep Cherokee deserve to vary depending upon the do of your jeep. You can always find more specific information around your jeep’s limits in the owner’s manual.

Don’t Forget to inspect the Manual

When in doubt around any sorts of limits and also required towing tools for your Jeep Cherokee, friend should constantly check your owner’s manual.

This has checking top top just how much your certain Jeep Cherokee deserve to handle as far as weight goes. No issue the year that the car, the hand-operated will typically be able to tell girlfriend the exact borders of the jeep as well as much more specifics on towing.

If you uncover that you don’t have actually a physical copy the the owner’s hands-on for her Jeep Cherokee, a simple google search of the year, make, and also model for the owner’s manual should typically carry you come a PDF version of the owner’s manual that friend can find for your certain Jeep Cherokee. Or you can shot checking the online jeep court or questioning a fellow jeep owner.

You likewise might be able to find your jeep’s Gross vehicle Weight Rating, or the maximum weight your vehicle can weigh, ~ above the inside of the driver’s side door frame.

This won’t precisely tell you the best towing capacity of your Jeep Cherokee, however it will at least provide you one idea and also a place to start. The load of the camper that you are towing have to never exceed the number for the Gross vehicle Weight Rating.

Another advantageous site the can help you to find and also understand the towing volume of your jeep, or any type of other vehicle, is This site will offer you a little break down about finding the towing capacity of your vehicle as well as the option to put in the year, make, and also model of your vehicle; and they will even find some RVs for sale the your automobile can tow.

So What precisely Can friend Tow?

Typically, a Jeep Cherokee should be able to tow the small to mid-range sized pop-up trailers, hybrid trailers, teardrop trailers, and Airstreams. I detailed a little cheat sheet listed below to give you one idea that just how much each of those campers deserve to weigh ~ above average. Store in mind the the table only consists of their dry weight, meaning completely empty.

Camper TypeDry Weight
Pop-up Trailer600-4,000 lbs.
Hybrid Trailer2,000-5,000 lbs.
Teardrop Trailer520-2,000 lbs.
Airstream2,500-4,000 lbs.

As you can see in the table above, the campers that i have detailed all fit in ~ the towing capacity variety of 2,000 to 5,000 pounds because that the Jeep Cherokee, no matter what size of camper you decision to go with.

As that is, those weights do not incorporate the added weight from any kind of gear or anything rather you might have inside of the camper. That extr weight is also important to think about when seeing if the camper fits within the towing capacity for your Jeep Cherokee, however we will acquire into that next.

Now, there room some world out over there who could have towed bigger campers v their Jeep Cherokees before, i m sorry is fine, it simply requires a lot of experience and also a willingness to take chances.

All the the different campers that i just provided fit the load class permitted in the towing capacity of the Jeep Cherokee simply fine, but going outside of the towing capacity could potentially mean having a bit more difficulty towing the camper and also having complete control of her Jeep Cherokee. And the potential of her brakes not being solid enough to manage a pack of such a heavy camper once you should stop.

You could additionally potentially run into problems like your infection overheating since it needs to overwork a little bit with towing the heavy load.

Not that ns recommend it, but if you do finish up acquisition a slightly heavier fill than the recommended campers that fit within the maximum towing capacity, you need to probably think about taking your jeep and camper the end for a test-drive before the actual trip to make certain that both you and your Jeep Cherokee have the right to really handle towing roughly the extra load.

In fact, even if it is you exceed the maximum towing capacity or not v your camper, I highly recommend going the end for a test-drive, especially if this is your very first time towing anything v your Jeep Cherokee, just to see how things go.

Weight Matters once Towing

As I discussed before, also with discovering the preferably towing capacity of her Jeep Cherokee, that is vital to think about the total weight of the camper the you plan to tow.

Yes, a Jeep Cherokee can generally handle towing pop-up trailers, hybrid trailers, teardrop trailers, and also Airstreams just due to the fact that those particular ones fall listed below the best towing capacity, but that is just with your dry weight.

If you desire to number out if your various other campers and also RVs fit within her Jeep Cherokee’s towing capacity, you’ll just need to do a little bit that math.

Once you have the dry load of the camper, friend can include the weight of cargo and/or liquids within the camper in stimulate to gain the full weight of her camper. Be certain to note that this complete weight of your camper have to not exceed the best towing volume of your Jeep Cherokee.

Another element to take into consideration when deciding which campers your Jeep Cherokee deserve to handle towing is the frontal area. This is basically the total area the the auto of camper that have the right to be exposed come air resistance. This will also impact the towing capacity.

You can discover the frontal area of your camper by multiplying the maximum elevation by the preferably width. Once again, the frontal area of your camper have to not exceed the best frontal area of her Jeep Cherokee.

You will additionally be able to uncover the maximum frontal area for her Jeep Cherokee in the owner’s manual, yet a an excellent average because that the Jeep Cherokee is a turbulent 32 square feet.

Exceeding this border could cause your jeep to persuade or worse as your camper sways and gets buffeted in the wind. I can promise you that that is not a danger you want to take.

The Engine Size also Matters

Now, there are limits regarding how much you space able to tow through your Jeep Cherokee just based on the maximum towing capacity noted by the manufacturers, but this limit have the right to vary relying on the type of engine you have actually within her Jeep Cherokee.

Some of the more recent Jeep Cherokees, especially, have options for different engine class to pick from or upgrade to, and also the different engine can increase your towing capacity.

For example, the 2019 Jeep Cherokee has actually the alternative for the 2.4L Tigershark engine that have the right to have a basic 2,000-pound preferably towing capacity, however if you update to the 2.0L four-cylinder engine deserve to handle as much as 4,000 pounds. Therefore much distinction just indigenous going from one engine come another.

How come Maximize her Towing Capacity

Just together looking right into the different options for engines for your Jeep Cherokee and also where you might have room to upgrade, there are other upgrades the you can gain for her Jeep Cherokee to increase your towing capacity.

Upgrade the Brakes

One location to start is the brakes. This won’t necessarily rise the towing capacity, however it will definitely increase the ease of towing. Unfortunately, Jeep Cherokees haven’t always had the ideal track record as soon as it pertains to the brakes, yet upgrading the brakes can ensure simpler braking and also stopping, especially with the heavier fill of a camper included.

An upgrade on the brakes will likewise ensure an ext safety because that you when towing the hefty load of a camper.

Another option, worrying the brakes, if upgrading the brakes on her Jeep Cherokee can be a bit too expensive, is come simply obtain breaks on the camper together well. This will also make the a lot less complicated to avoid rather 보다 putting every one of the weight on those bad brakes in your Jeep Cherokee.

If you do select to walk with adding brakes to her camper, be sure to update the electrical connections too to ensure that the 2 braking equipment are linked instead of having the brakes on the camper try to take it over and also stop unnecessarily.

Upgrade the Transmission

Did you know that an automatic infection can easily overheat once towing a large load with any kind of vehicle? This can reason a lot of problems when towing at the maximum towing capacity and maybe also make the uncomfortable to tow in ~ the maximum towing capacity.

Sure, several of the Jeep Cherokees the end there are developed to resolve that, yet it’s always something to consider. Upgrading the transmission in your Jeep Cherokee have the right to potentially lull the towing suffer for you and your jeep, yet it could additionally potentially increase the preferably towing capacity just because the upgrade should make that to wherein the transmission doesn’t overheat therefore much.

One alternative to think about for an update to the infection is switching end to a manual transmission. As I said, automatically transmissions deserve to overheat pretty quickly just since they have tendency to produce a lot of heat naturally, and pulling a heavier fill can reason quite the abuse to your bad automatic transmission. Manual transmissions will certainly likely have actually fewer troubles when it involves overheating.

Now, I’m not saying the automatic transmissions are totally terrible and also the only method to update the transmission is through switching end to manual. Over there are alternatives for upgrades and also keeping with the automatically transmission. The upgrade will certainly simply incorporate a larger warm exchanger in the radiator to make sure the transmission remains cool there is no overheating.

You can also consider including an exterior cooler to either an automatically or hands-on transmission come absolutely ensure the it doesn’t overheat and also can handle the heavy load the the camper that you’ll it is in towing.

Tow prep Package

Another point to think about is the Tow prepare Package. I know, come a many you Jeep Cherokee veterans out there through your 1995 Jeep Cherokees, you’re probably thinking the this is because that the more recent jeep snobs out there, yet it yes, really is a decent update for her Jeep Cherokee if you desire to increase the towing capacity.

It’s candid pretty great just because it includes every one of the possible upgrades for maximizing the towing capacity for her Jeep Cherokee in one go fairly than having to execute each upgrade individually.

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Basically, the Tow prepare Package way that her Jeep Cherokee it s okay an upgrade to be totally prepared for any type of towing situations. All of these upgrades together have the right to usually rise your towing capacity as lot as 2,000 an ext pounds or more.

The usual tow prepare package includes upgrades in a tow hitch, electrical connections that allow your vehicle to connect to the lighting device of her camper, suspension and brakes, a heavy-duty transmission, and, sometimes, even much more depending on where you acquire the two prep parcel from and also what they offer in the package.